ECC Coaches Classes & Clinics

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Training Requirements


  1. Executive Board Members: All new executive board members on an Association's board or existing executive board members who have not attended are REQUIRED to attend an Administrative Training Clinic. This is a one time only requirement. The class will be called “Admin Clinic”. 

  2. Cheer and Dance Coach's Clinic: This is a one day clinic for all Cheer and Dance coaches and/or Directors. Classes will be held throughout the State of Florida. Times, dates and locations TBA.

  3. Football, Jr. Football and Team Parent Coach's Clinic: All football coaches, including Jr. Football coaches and Team Parents (both football and cheer) must attend this training. Jr. Foootball coaches must be 16 years old as of July 31, 2017 (ID required). This is a four (4) hour class. Time, dates and locations TBA.  June 24th or July 29th  see calendar for details

  4. Jr. Cheer and Jr. Dance Coach's Clinic: Jr. Cheer coaches must be at least 15 years as of July 31, 2017. (ID Required) Time, dates and locations TBA. They must attend a 1 Day Cheer Coaches Clinic.

  5. Tiny Mite Coach's Training: All Tiny Mite football coaches MUST attend a training class that will be offered in conjunction with the Head Coach's and Weigh Master training before the start of practice.

  6. Weigh Masters: This certification is suggested by the Southeast Region. It is suggested that each association have 3 certified weigh masters. The certified weigh master’s responsibility is to conduct each weigh-in and ensure that all coaches have their badges, and are on the roster for team weighing. Weighing of players include not only overweight players, but underweight players as well. This will be a one time certification (no charge). An association’s name will not be attached to this certification. Certified Weigh Masters will be able to weigh at their respective home games or road games if the home teams weigh master or certified designee is unavailable. Weigh Masters training will be offered in conjunction with the Head Coach's and Tiny Mite training.



Training Registration Instructions

**To Register for the Admin Clinic, Head Football Coach/ Jr.Football Coach/ Team

Parent, Weigh Masters or Tiny Mite Coach's training classes:

Contact Rachael Breckenridge at

**To Register For Cheer Coach or Jr Cheer Coach 1 Day Training Clinic:

Contact Casandra Roberts at