Last Updated: October 3, 2016
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We're not just Football Players - We're also Husbands, Fathers, Community Leaders and more! In the days leading up to our games we continue to contribute to the greater good of our families, friends, league, organization we're a part of , and community. The South Atlanta Raiders Organization exists to advance the exposure, excitement, teaching, valuation, and service missions of Minor Leagues around the nation. Our focus is on the education and the promotion of the health and welfare of our athletes, families, friends, fans, and our communities in which we live and are a part of. The South Atlanta Raiders Football Organization seeks to link the experiences and the skills of all backgrounds, races, origins, genders, and cultures to prepare our athletes and staff, including women and minorities, to be productive members of society. We acknowledge that the character of the athletes, staff, owners, and sponsors associated with our organization reflects upon the character of The South Atlanta Raiders Organization  and other Minor League's and its members as a whole.The South Atlanta Raiders Organization is dedicated to the intellectual, physical and personal development of our athletes, as well as staff, including women and minorities. Demonstrating leadership in all decisions affecting our athletes, organization, and league, the South Atlanta Raiders staff and ownership will act in an ethical and honest manner. The South Atlanta Raiders Organization will promote an environment fostering the professional and personal achievement of coaches, administrators and staff, while attaining excellence in athletic performance, sportsmanship, financial strength, and superior fan satisfaction. This vision within our organization is at the core of our responsibility to our organization, ourselves, community and to the public at large.


All players must be 17+ years of age



All players who play for the Raiders will have

to provide the following things.

Player will purchase their own:


Shoulder pads

Knee and Thigh pads


Mouth pieces

Athletic Tape

Game Pants.  

Players must sign waver.

Insurance isn't mandatory but If you do not have insurance you
can purchase insurance through the Organization.


Registration Fees $200.00

Fees include:

League and Team registration

Decals 1 set per player

Helmet Painted

Raider Ticket Program

2 Game Jerseys w/Name Plate

1 South Atlanta Raiders T-Shirt

Team ID

Player Team Sponsorship Program

Team Cook Out and Award Program

Team & Individual Photos (set up fee only)