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2013 OVYBL Coach List

OVYBL Managers Contact Listing for the 2013 Baseball Season
Bergholz Indians Tom Costlow 740-632-6320
Bergholz Pirates Tal Elliott 740-461-4229
Brilliant Red Sox Scott McHugh 740-275-2208
East Liverpool 1 Rob Lane 330-692-2547
East Liverpool 2 Ryan Galloway 330-383-0531
Follansbee Giants Shawn Moore 304-914-9519
Follansbee Nationals Brian Ritchie 304-670-0829
Oak Glen- Dotson Mike Dotson 330-303-7654
Oak Glen- Hooker Ron Hooker 304-670-4012
Oak Glen- Patterson Dwayne Patterson 304-794-8278
Weirton Angels Jason Littleton 304-224-9030
Weirton Dodgers Brad Kessel 304-723-5760
Weirton Giants Wayne Garrett 304-527-1785
Weirton Rockies Jeff Brncic 724-217-3658
Weirton Yankees Michael Arlia 304-748-7832
Wellsburg Brewers Jason Galloway 304-479-4222
Wellsburg Phillies Chris Adams 304-491-3741
Wellsburg Pirates Jack Shaffer 304-737-2270
Wintersville Angels Mike Reiordan 304-224-3569
Wintersville Dodgers Josh Morris 740-317-1350
Wintersville Mariners Jodi Reilly 740-346-5708
Wintersville Pirates Ted Gorman 740-381-2574
Wintersville Red Sox Chris Ice 859-324-0275
Wintersville Reds Dave Ferroni 412-496-1194
Bergholz Tigers Dick Law 740-381-2933
Brilliant Cardinals Greg Novak 740-278-6065
East Liverpool Barry Lane 330-708-4588
Follansbee Braves Jason Martindill 304-207-3337
Follansbee Cubs Bryan Dawson 304-374-6047
Oak Glen- Chaney Pat Chaney 304-387-9793
Oak Glen- Walls Rob Walls 304-479-1519
Weirton Blue Jays Jason Lenox 304-224-1188
Weirton Indians Chris Paul 304-670-5397
Weirton Marlins Kevin Hoover 724-561-7930
Weirton Yankees Chris Gillette 724-554-4199
Wellsburg Pirates Will Yost 304-670-6594
Wellsburg White Sox Paul Billiard 304-281-1144
Wintersville Dodgers Herman Campbell 740-381-2068
Wintersville Giants Tim Zook 740-381-2068
Wintersville Indians Rich Gualtiere 740-317-5584
Wintersville Phillies Jamie Connor 740-219-2010
Wintersville Yankees Jason Michalos 740-632-0796
Dillonvale Joe Hillman 740-457-3447
East Liverpool Mike Wolski 304-429-5029
Empire Reds Mort Piatt 740-317-0899
Hopedale Orange Don Sloan 740-461-0122
Hopedale Blue Cory Elliott 740-314-2833
Oak Glen- Null Eric Null 330-383-1886
Oak Glen- Osbon TJ Osbon 304-670-3210
Richmond  George Kramarich 740-317-3217
Steubenville 1    
Steubenville 2    
Steubenville 3    
Toronto Matt Karaffa 740-537-4259
Weirton Braves Kenny Wright 304-374-2432
Weirton Dodgers Ed Austin 304-224-9181
Weirton Marlins Rod Rosnick 304-670-0950
Wellsburg Dodgers Brian Ohler 304-794-8103
Wellsburg A's Scott Adams 304-479-1228
Wintersville Indians Allen Williamson 740-424-8474
Wintersville Nationals Chris McGrew 740-424-3270
Wintersville Pirates Dave Throckmorton 304-203-0171
Wintersville Reds Tim Defrank 740-765-5067
Updated 03/12/2013    

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