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Storm Clubwide Open Tryout


Please click on the left Navigation Bar where it says Register Here to Pre-Register for our Open Tryout!



(Storm clubwide open tryout will be held at John Preece Fields)


6:00pm to 7:00pm


Pleas arrive 15 minutes prior to tryout to check in!




Monday, June 9th

Boys and Girls - All Ages



If you have any questions regarding tryouts or any specific questions about our teams please send an email to:

Garrett Stark:



Club Fees:

U9 Academy - $250 per season (Fall and Spring)

U10 thru U14 - $310 per season (Fall and Spring)

U15 thru U18 - $330 per season (Spring Only)


Age Group - Grade - Born Between


U18 - 97's (12th) 8-1-96 & 7-31-97

U17 - 98's (11th) 8-1-97 & 7-31-98

U16 - 99's (10th) 8-1-98 & 7-31-99

U15 - 00's (9th) 8-1-99 & 7-31-00

U14 - 01's (8th) 8-1-00 & 7-31-01

U13 - 02's (7th) 8-1-01 & 7-31-02

U12 - 03's (6th) 8-1-02 & 7-31-03

U11 - 04's (5th) 8-1-03 & 7-31-04

U10 - 05's (4th) 8-1-04 & 7-31-05

U9 - 06's (3rd) 8-1-05 & 7-31-06

U8 - 07's (2nd) 8-1-06 & 7-31-07


Players must fit into age and/or grade category to be eligible to play in the age group.


Players must have written consent from the Club Technical Director to ”play up” in any age group.

 Players who are already playing up this year will also need to discuss with their current coach to make sure playing up again next year is in the best interest of the continued development of that player.


Storm Soccer Club

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