Last Updated: November 12, 2015

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Coaching Letter

Hi.  My name is Coach Kenny Mosley, and I will be the head football coach for the Dover/CR Raiders Mitey Mite Black team.  This will be my fourth year coaching in the program, and my third year being the head coach.  I bring a wealth of experience and training starting back to my days playing as a youth to high school, and continuing today with seasonal certifications and training classes to further my knowledge of the game.  Today’s game is a lot different than when I played, so we must continue to evolve and adapt to the changes that take place.

Assisting me this year on the field will be my assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Ray Hall.  Ray has coached for the Raiders several years as his two sons (Nick and Alex) have moved through the program.  Coach Ray has been head of the CR youth wrestling program for many years, and is exceptional in teaching and handling kids.  His wife Gigi Hall is a nurse by profession, and will serve as our team nurse and mother.  This will be my second year working with the couple, and I could not ask for a better team.

Joining me for the third year in a row will be Frank Felton.  Frank helps with the backs on the defense and offensive side of the ball.  His son Yasir is one of the many characters on the team, and for certain a future coach when his playing days are over.  In addition to football, Frank coaches Yas in basketball.

A new addition to this year’s staff will be Lee Ridgway.  Lee observed from the sideline last year during his son Connor’s first year playing tackle football, and is ready to jump in the fire.  Lee coaches baseball and is a volunteer fireman, so his skills and training will be a great asset to the team and Raider nation.

Our division is not considered a competitive level, but we teach our kids to compete against themselves every day.  As they learn the game, they will learn confidence and see what they are able to achieve with hard work.  Although we all want to win games, my main focus is to provide a foundation in which your kids can grow and become a person that you will be proud of years later. 



 Head Coach - Mitey Might Black - Bobby Reed                                                              

 My name is Bobby Reed. I have been involved with Pop Warner and specifically the Dover CR Raiders since 2009. My goal is to make a connection with your child and create a better leader through football. Self-confidence and strong character starts within but stays for life. 2014 will be the first year Pop-Warner considers the Mitey-Mite division COMPETITIVE but my true goal is personal growth. August 1 beings the transformation of our little athletes, be a part of it!!!! GO RAIDERS


Head Coach - Mitey Might White - Kenny Mosley