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What is Rialto Pop Warner Cheer All About?

Forget what you have heard. Cheerleading is not just bobby socks and saddle shoes. Cheerleading today involves more rigorous athletic, aerobic activity than ever before. Pop Warner Cheerleaders practice and perform during the football season just as the players do. On game day however, no cheerleader is ever just "sitting on the bench". Cheerleading in Pop Warner is 100% participation!

The objective of RCPW Cheerleading is to familiarize young participants with the fundamentals of cheerleading, and to provide them an opportunity to participate in the sport of football as cheerleaders in an adult supervised, organized, and safety-oriented manner. Rialto Pop Warner is proud to be providing the first experience in Cheerleading for many children involved

Any child residing within the boundaries of Rialto Pop Warner wishing to cheer is eligible to participate if they are at least 7 years old before July 31st and not older than 14 years old on July 31st.

Who do we cheer for?
There are five divisions with 6 football teams having up to 35 players per team and up to 24 cheerleaders per squad. Cheerleaders will be required to cheer for the games for which they are scheduled. We would love to field squads for all the football teams but we may not have enough girls enrolled or enough coaches to do so. This may mean the family cheerleader will be required to cheer for a team other than the family football player.

When do we practice?
All cheerleaders will be practicing at Carter High School (tentatively) from August 1st to August 16th, 6:00p.m. - 8:15p.m. Starting August 17th is when squads begin to practice with their assigned football teams. It is very important that cheerleaders do not miss any practices. They are part of a team and the team needs them there. If you have to miss practice or cannot be at a game, it is mandatory that you call the coach. Cheerleaders may be dropped because of a number of absences or an unexcused practice. Please bring water to each practice.

Arriving and leaving
Cheerleaders must arrive on time for practice and be picked up on time. We cannot expect the coach to wait for the parent to pick up the cheer. These are volunteer people that have other responsibilities.

What do we wear to practice?
Cheerleaders will be required to wear comfortable, loose clothing for practice (no jeans). Tennis shoes or sport shoes MUST be worn for safety reasons during practice. For safety, jewelry is absolutely forbidden for games or for practice. Don’t get your ears pierced just before practice starts because you will have to take the earrings out. Hair must be restrained for the same reason. Your coach will let you know what is acceptable for your hair.

What do we wear at games?
The following uniform items will be distributed to each cheerleader: a purple and white uniform consisting of a skirt, and pullover shell top as well as a set of pompoms. A parent must be present to sign for the equipment - no exceptions.

Good grooming is essential. Hair should be restrained if it is below shoulder length.

When and where are practices and games?
Practices being on August 1st and practices will be held for all divisions Monday through Friday from either 5:00pm till 7:15pm or from 7:30 until 9:45pm (depending on team), with no practice on weekend. Starting in September when regular season begins, there will be two practices during the week, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday and one on Saturday. Practices are held at Carter High School(tentatively).

Games are played every Sunday on a time rotational basis, usually beginning at 11:00am, 12:30pm, and 2:00pm, depending on how many games are scheduled to be home or away. Normally a team will play approximately four games at home and 4 games away. Game schedules are issued by Mt. Baldy Football Conference. Home games will be played at Carter High School (tentatively) in Rialto. Away games will include these cities: Diamond Bar, Chino, La Verne/San Dimas, Upland, Fontana, Rialto, Victorville, Riverside, Perris, Moreno Valley and San Bernardino.

What do we do at games?
Be enthusiastic and smile, smile, smile! Cheerleaders will be positioned in a buffer area between the viewing stands and the players. We will be doing a pre-determined series of cheers and chants to encourage fan participation in rooting for our team. During half time a short dance routine will be performed as well. The attending cheer coach will determine the sequence of the cheers and chants.

General Guidelines

  • Full attention is required for the entire game just as it would be for a player.
  • Coaching directions must be followed.
  • Cheerleaders are to remain in their assigned position throughout the game.
  • No cheerleader can leave the field during the game time without the permission of the coach.
  • If a cheerleader cannot stay the full game period, they must notify the coach in advance as this impacts team activities and may compromise safety if last minute changes must be made. The coach has the discretion of excusing the cheerleader from the entire game. Frequent absences may result in a cheerleader being dismissed from the squad.
  • Cheerleaders should bring a quart-sized water bottle to each game and practice. The bottle should be properly labeled with cheerleaders name. No sharing of bottles is allowed.
  • No cheerleader will be allowed to go to the snack bar during game time (this includes half-time).