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In Little League, it is very important that we work together to create the best possible experience for players, managers and parents. Please see the "Expectations" below for a checklist of our responsibilities. We cannot be perfect in our approach, but we can make every effort to meet our own expectations and those of others directly involved in the Little League program.
Expectations of Players

I will make every effort to...
• Do my best in practices and games.
• Be early for practices.
• Develop a sharing attitude.
• Listen and learn from my manager and teammates.
• Maintain my cool when I make a mistake.
• Cheer on and support my teammates.
• Hustle on and off the field.
• Understand and follow the safety rules of the game.
• Lend a helping hand.
• Be a good sport at all times.
• Show respect for the umpires and volunteers.
• Develop self-control.
• Respect myself, teammates and opponents.
• Wear my uniform with pride.
• Understand and follow the rules of the game.
• Take responsibility for myself.
• Learn from losing as well as from winning.
• Get fit and stay fit.
• Be dependable.
• Always be positive and have fun.
• Be a kind and caring person.

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