Last Updated: July 19, 2016

Sam Bass History

Sam Bass Baseball began several years prior to 1991 when coaches would put together an all-star team to play in the Bronco all-stars. These players consisted of RR Little League players who did not make the RRLL all-stars. They took the name "Sam Bass".

Mike Moore helped with one of these early Sam Bass teams. In the spring of 1990, Doy Freitag and Larry Hartgrove (along with other assistants) formed a Bronco all-star team out of Little League players who did not make LL all-stars. In 1991, Mike Hardy did the same. In 1991, Larry Peoples formed a Pinto all-star team of 8 year olds (Little League did not have an 8 year old all-star program). This team finished 2nd in the State in San Antonio.

Those of us who had been involved with the style and level of play in Pony Baseball through these all-star teams, saw it as far superior to the Little League system and a better program for developing ballplayers. We attempted in the summer of 1991 to convince RR Little League to switch to Pony. A committee from the Little League board was formed to look into this but it was shortly thereafter disbanded.

Mike Link, who was past President of RR Pony/Colt, began to discuss with Doy, the possibility of bringing Bronco to the RR Pony/Colt League. The Pony/Colt board members up from Little League voted down the idea. After the amazing 1991 Pinto all-star season, Larry Peoples began to encourage Doy to help start a Pony program in RR for the younger ages.

We were also informed by the Pony Director (who had heard many complaints from the some of the other area leagues) that they would no longer allow us to form an all-star team unless we played Pony baseball as the spring season. All of the above resulted in a meeting on 8/24/91 at Lone Star Cafe to discuss forming Sam Bass Baseball as a full fledged league. We never stopped to look back.

In the Year 2002, Sam Bass took another huge leap at keeping ahead of the pack, by a unanimous vote choose to start playing at a higher level of competition in the USSSA Format.

8/91 - First meetings to form Sam Bass Baseball - Doy Freitag, Larry Peoples, Aaron Thomison, Mike Link, Garry Guthrie, Billy Braxdale were the founders and first Board of Directors. Mike Robinson and Mike Heiligenstein provided ideas and suggestions in acquiring fields. Initial plan was to offer Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang the first year, but included Bronco upon Braxdale's urging.

9/17/91 - Sam Bass of Round Rock Youth Baseball became a non-profit corporation.

9/30/91 - City OK'd the use of Main Street fields by Sam Bass.

10/91 - Began work on Sam Bass fields on Main Street. Obtained a $10,000 loan from Mike Link's father - all 6 board members were guarantors on the loan.

10/6/91 - Round Rock Pony/Colt voted to support Sam Bass

10/7/91 - Public Informational meeting at CD Fulkes. 46 sign-ups (all got free T-shirts provided by Precision Screen Graphics). Coach Langerhans provided his support and registered Ryan.

11/91 - Started fences on fields

1/4/92 - Approved managers/coaches for season.

1/11/92 - 1st registration. Almost filled Mustang (6 teams).

1/18/92 - 2nd registration. Filled up Bronco (6 teams), Pinto (7 teams); expanded Mustang to 8 teams.

2/9/92 - Coach Langerhans put on a coaching clinic.

2/15/92 - Tryouts.

2/16/92 - First Draft. Each team was allowed to protect manager's son, coach's son, and team rep's son.

2/92 - Bought Concession Stand Building and moved it to Main Street. Mike Link with a little help renovated entire building.

3/21/92 - Home Run Derby. Ryan Langerhans v. Michelle Peoples for Bronco champ (Ryan - most HR's; Michelle - longest HR).

3/3/92 - B-B-Q for coaches.

3/4/92 - Opening Day. Mike Link's father threw out first pitch.

3/25-26/92 - Mid-Season Tournament for Mustang and Bronco teams with UHO, Delwood, NAO. Sam Bass took three first places and three second places!

5/29-31/92 - Hosted Pinto MidSeason tournament.

6/9/92 - All-Star selections. 1st place manager was #1 all-star manager. Rule was changed the following year.

6/11/92 - Closing ceremonies.


Paid off loan during season
Paid Harry $10 on Saturday to pick up trash (also Dr. Pepper and hot dog)
Mustang all-stars advanced to Section - 1st half of season, Mustang had "closed" bases
We had a remarkably high cooperation from coaches on preparing the fields.
27 teams (6 Shetland, 7 Pinto, 8 Mustang, 6 Bronco) The next season Sam Bass took over the Pony/Colt League and the Mustang all-stars went to zone.

Doy Freitag