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Answers to frequently asked questions






Fort Lee Girls Recreation Basketball League

Answers to frequently asked questions…

Q. When and where are the girl’s basketball games?

A. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders play games either Monday or Tuesday night at the middle school gym.

7th and 8th graders play on Saturday afternoons at the middle school gym. Occasional games are played at the Community Center. You will receive a schedule.


Q. When and where are the practices, and how often?

A. Practice days and times are chosen by the Coach and are usually once a week at one of the elementary school gyms.


Q. How long are games and practices?

A. Both are approximately one hour long.


Q. Does my daughter have to try out?

A. Yes! All girls, including coach’s daughters, must try out to enter the draft and be placed on a team. All girls who try out WILL be placed on a team.


Q. When is registration?

A. Fort Lee girls in grades 3 – 8 are invited to register to participate.  Early registration will take place generally early September - watch out for announcements.  


Q. Who is eligible?

A.To be eligible girls must be in grades 3 – 8, reside in Fort Lee, or attend a Fort Lee school. All registered girls will be placed on a team after try outs in November. All girls are placed on a team.


Q. When does the season start?  When are games played?

A. The girls’ basketball season officially starts with practices the last week in November. Games are January through March. Practices are usually one evening a week and games are also once a week. Grades 2 – 6 play games on Monday or Tuesday evenings. Grades 7 and 8 play Saturday afternoons. Most games are at the LFC Middle School gym.


Q. How long is the season?

A. Girls basketball practices begin the last week of November. Games start the first week in January and run until the middle of March.


Q. What is the league’s website address?

A. You can check up-to-date scores, statistics, schedule changes, and anything else you may need to know.


Q. What does the League provide, and what do I need to buy?

A. the League provides each girl with a game shirt. You need to be sure your daughter has shorts, socks, and sneakers.


Dave Epstein, League President       Email:

 Mike Klein, Commissioner              Email: