August  12th - 13th 2017  

( 8u  -  10u  -  12u )

 3 Game Guarantee 


Youth Baseball Tournament for Summer Select All-Star Teams & "B" Level travel teams with a 50% win record or less.  Any full time Travel teams interested in playing must have the following qualifications.  Must be playing in a lower level league and have less than a 50% win record.  Tournament director will review on a case by case basis.

Pool play on Saturday - Seed Play on Sunday

Trophies for all Champions and Runner-ups

Up to 3-Game Balls will be provided at the start of each game.

 If additional balls are needed due to Home Run balls being kept or fould balls not recovered, then each team will need to provide additional balls as needed.


Tournament Hat for every Game MVP

Tournament Game MVP HATS       Tournament Game MVP Hat

Concessions All Weekend

Player Tournament T-Shirts available for pre-order 

Payment prior to August 5th, 2017  Will Secure Spot

To reserve your spot, all you need to do is register and pay at least the $150 Deposit.  You can also just register, but this does not save your spot once we are full in that respective age division.


$450 Entry Fee    8u/10u/12u

Payments made online will be assessed an additional CC Fee.



8u Champions  -  AYRA Athletics

8u Runner-up - Laurel Bolts

10u Champions - HCYP Blue

10u Runner-up - HCYP White

12u Champions - Boonsboro Bombers

12u Runner-up - Vienna Knuckleheads


 To register for this tournament click on "REGISTER HERE".  E-mail tournament director for any questions at

  Payment must be submitted prior to the August 5th, 2017 deadline or tournament being full.  Keep in mind that registering does not guarantee your team a spot in the tournament, but rather it indicates your intentions to play.  Final Rosters and COI's must be submitted prior to the start of the tournament check-in.

For additional information go to the HANDOUT section on the left and click on HANDOUT

In the event of a weather related event, the tournament director can and will make adjustments to the schedule to either delay, cancel, move, or seed teams on a Sunday when there is a Saturday Pool play weather event.  If for some reason (Due to weather) some teams play 2 games and others only play 1 pool play game, then the tournament director would typically seed the teams based on the average runs allowed and not the total runs allowed.  If no pool play games are played, then the tournament director may seed the teams based on their registration date.  All of these options are still up to the discretion of the tournament director.  In the event of a complete cancelation of the tournament, please refer to the tournament guide for credits, and refunds.


Make Checks Payable to "Elite Baseball Experience"

Tournament Director:  Tim Wickstrom


3801 Chatham Rd.

Ellicott City, MD. 21042

Phone:   443-537-8135


 8u,  10u,  12u            Select Div.          3-Game Guarantee


Divisions Teams Entered   Entry            Fee Tournament T-Shirt Register          Now Schedules





8U - Select Div.            3 of 6  Available

Teams     Entered   $450 $10               Pre-Order Register          Now  Not Posted
10U - Select Div.         3 of 10  Available Teams     Entered   $450 $10               Pre-Order Register          Now  Not Posted

12U - Select Div.          4 of 6  Available

Teams     Entered   $450 $10              Pre-Order Register          Now  Not Posted




AYRA Athletics   (Select Div.)                -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID  -  ROSTER  -  INSURANCE

HCYP Blue   (Select Div.)                        -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID  -  ROSTER  -  INSURANCE

MVP Muckdogs   (Select Div.)               -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID



Bad News Bears   (Select Div.)                -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID

HCYP White   (Select Div.)                       -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID

Laurel Bolts   (Select Div.)                        -  ACCEPTED

Owings Mills Bulldogs   (Select Div.)      -  ACCEPTED  -  INSURANCE

Smithsburg    (Select Div.)                        -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID

West Perry (PA)    (Select Div.)                -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID

WHC Warriors    (Select Div.)                   -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID



Cecil Skipjacks   (Select Div.)                     -  ACCEPTED

Putty Hill Panthers   (Select Div.)             -  ACCEPTED 
































































































































































AYRA Athletics   (Select Div.)                -  ACCEPTED  -  PAID  -  ROSTER  -  INSURANCE