There have been rules revisions for Majors, AAA, and AA Divisions. See the "2018 Rules" page, changes are highlighted.  

Tournament and All-Stars Champions

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2013 Tournament Champions
Junior Champions - Brewers
50/70 Champions - Western
Major Champions - Cubs
Minor AAA - Owlz
Minor AA - River Cats
2012 Tournament Champions
Junior Champions - *District Tournament won by LM*
Major Champions - Cubs
Minor AAA Champions - Bulls
Minor AA Champions - River Cats
2011 Tournament Champions
Junior Champions - Giants
Major Champions - Cardinals 
Minor Champions - Hooks
2010 Tournament Champions
Junior Champions - Giants  
Major Champions - Giants
Minor Champions - Tigers 
2009 Tournament Champions
Major Champions - Dbacks 
Minor Champions - Bulldogs
2008 Tournament Champions
Major Champions - Padres
Minor Champions - Storm
2007 Tournament Champions
Major Champions - Dodgers 
Minor Champions - Red Sox
2006 Tournament Champions
Major Champions - Pirates
Minor Champions - Yankees
2005 Tournament Champions
Major TOC Champion - Yankees

Minor Champion - Yankees
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