Last Updated: October 23, 2017 

July 1, 2017

WPYB is pleased to announce that we will be adding additional tournament teams for the 2018 season. We will now sponsor U9, U10, U11, U12 and U13 teams.


Contact Tournament Team Director with

questions and to determine remaining openings: 


The Tournament teams will play in approximately 5 weekend tournaments during the 2018 season and will have additional costs and practices above and beyond the current "league play" costs. Eligibility is based on a May 1 birthdate, the same as our regular league.

Any player who tries out and is a part of the tournament teams must still be a member of a WPYB 2018 league team. These players will play regular and post season games with that WPYB league team during the week and during WPYB weekend events (Super Saturday). 

We are committed to WPYB league play and our motto that "Any child who wants to play baseball, will play baseball" will remain a hallmark of our 57 year old league. But we also feel we need to add a component for those parents/players who would like to play more baseball outside of regular league games. We hope that this strikes to proper balance between the two.

We also feel that parents don't need to pay upwards of $1000 to have their son or daughter experience tournament baseball.

What really matters? Three sets of uniforms per kid? A custom bat bag? 

Or simply playing more baseball in a more competitive setting while still having time (and money!) to enjoy the summer.

Our tournament teams try to strike a balance and will save you money while still giving your child the tournament experience! 

Any questions regarding this Tournament Team or Tryouts see below or please email our Tournament Team Director, Carmelo Patti at 


Wilson Premier Youth Baseball Tournament Teams Frequently Asked Questions


How is WPYB Tournament different than playing WPYB?

Participation in WPYB Tournament is in addition to playing in WPYB.  WPYB leagues are open to all interested youth in corresponding age levels.  WPYB Tournament teams are selected from WPYB eligible players and are designed to provide a more competitive level of baseball for our more skilled and interested players.  WPYB Tournament teams plan to begin practicing indoors starting in January.  Once the WPYB season begins, WPYB Tournament activities are limited to Friday through Sunday as players are participating in the WPYB leagues on Monday through Thursday (typically).


What is the cost of participating on WPYB Tournament teams?

WPYB Tournament costs are in addition to the standard WPYB registration fee.  Tournament Director is expected to try and keep costs at $400 per player including uniforms.  Optional items to purchase would include WPYB spirit wear.  As coaches are volunteers, the primary costs are for tournament entry fees and gym rental costs for indoor practices. 


What is the time commitment?

Indoor practices typically begin in January.  Teams generally practice once or twice per week in various locations, primarily on the south side of Milwaukee.  Teams rent space in other area facilities. Once the WPYB season starts, teams generally practice once per week.  Games are played Friday through Sunday.  If WPYB Tournament teams don’t have games early in the outdoor season, they may practice twice per week.  The WPYB Tournament season is generally over at the same time as the WPYB season.  With approximately 12 weekends during the season, teams generally have games on 4 -7 of those weekends.  Teams are prohibited from playing in tournaments during Super Saturday and All-Star weekend so players are available to play in the WPYB regularly scheduled activities. 


Are all WPYB Tournament team games played in tournaments?

Yes, most if not all games will be played in tournaments.  The advantage of tournaments only is the players enjoy the opportunity to play in a tournament format, teams have the opportunity to play against teams from a wider geographic range, and the competition is generally tougher than league games.  The disadvantage of tournaments is the initial schedule is typically not always known well in advance and if teams do well, they can continue to advance making it difficult to plan other activities during the weekend.



How many games do WPYB Tournament teams play?

The number of WPYB Tournament games is generally between 12 and 20 with younger teams closer to 12 and older teams closer to 20. Successful teams will generally play more games.


When tryouts are typically held?

Tryouts will be held in Late July or early August for the following year.


Why are tryouts held the summer prior to the WPYB Tournament season?

Holding outdoor tryouts gives the evaluators a better chance at seeing the player’s true skill level compared to watching them in the controlled environment of a gym.  It is also difficult to evaluate some skills in a gym such as fielding fly balls.  Holding summer tryouts also makes it more likely that a player is closer to “in-season form” compared to not having played baseball for an extended period of time.  Finally, since practices begin in January, we can’t wait until the outdoor season starts to hold tryouts.  The primary disadvantage of holding tryouts before the following outdoor season begins is that if a new player moves to the community during the winter months, they are unlikely able to tryout.  Our tryout schedule is typical of most select teams.


How are teams selected?

Selection is based on a combination of performance at tryouts and the evaluations from the WPYB coaches.  Our goal is to select the most skilled players.  Having previously played on a WPYB Tournament team is not a guarantee for making the team the following season.  It is rare that our rosters will not experience some level of turnover each season.


When are teams announced?

Our goal is to announce teams within a few weeks of the tryout conclusion.  We need time to assess the evaluation scores and review the evaluations from the WPYB coaches.


How are coaches selected?

Coaches are typically parents of selected players who have been active in WPYB for at least one year.  Other adults with coaching knowledge and experience may also be considered.  A head coach is selected based on consultation with others who have been involved with that individual in the WPYB leagues or WPYB Tournament level.  The head coach is generally responsible for selecting the rest of the coaching staff.  A background check is conducted annually on all coaches.


How many different age levels are there for WPYB Tournament?

For the 2018 season WPYB will attempt to field teams at U9 through U13 age levels.  U10 means 10 and under, not under 10.  U10 is the standard nomenclature.  


What is the cutoff date for age determination?

The cutoff date is age as of April 30 for the season being played.  For example, the 2018 season will be based on age as of April 30, 2018.  To be eligible to play U10 in 2018, players must be 10 or younger as of that date.


Are younger players allowed to try out for an older age based team?

Yes, for example.  9 year-olds may be selected to play U10. 


Are players allowed to play above their age level?

Our preference is for players to play at their age level.  We realize this is not always preferable for the players as the WPYB Tournament age groups do not align with school grades, or the WPYB leagues, and players often want to “play up” if it means participating with more of their classmates.  Unless a player is considered to be one of the top players on the age above, we prefer that they play at their age level.  Typically, this is better for their baseball development as they are more often a key contributor, including pitching, if placed at the appropriate level.  For example an extremely skilled 9 year old may be selected to play U10. 


Is there a limit to number of WPYB teams at an age level?

No.  It is possible to allow for more than one team at any age level.  Since WPYB Tournament teams are self-funding, our view is that if we have enough talented, interested players and coaches willing to coach, we will field a team.   


What if a player can’t make the tryouts?

We realize some families take extended vacations that don’t always make this possible.  If a player can’t make the tryout, we will try and arrange an individual tryout if the timing works.  Individual tryouts are discouraged as it is preferred to evaluate players when they can be directly compared to the others.


How are evaluators selected?

Ideally, we would have three to four evaluators who have agreed to coach the teams.  Our evaluators will typically be combination of the current WPYB coaches, coaches from different WPYB age groups and members of the board of directors.  


How much travel is involved?

Almost all of our tournaments will be played within a one hour drive of The Ballpark.  For example, popular locations are Waukesha, New Berlin, Germantown and West Bend. 


What is the expected attendance requirement?

We limit our rosters to 11-12 players in order for players to receive appropriate playing time.  Due to our small rosters, the expectation is that players will make the vast majority of team activities.  Players who expect to miss more than one or two weekends from May through mid-July should not participate in WPYB Tournament.


Can a player participate in another sport, or another baseball team, during the season and still be eligible to play WPYB Tournament even though there may be conflicts?

Read answer to question above.  Our expectation is that WPYB Tournament will be the player’s primary activity during the baseball season and WPYB Tournament activities will be given priority.  Playing on another baseball team besides the player’s WPYB team is not acceptable.


What is the expectation for attendance at WPYB activities?

WPYB Tournament players are expected to attend almost all WPYB activities.  We realize there may be the occasional conflict, but attendance at 80% or more of WPYB activities is expected. 


My child participates in a winter sport, which may conflict with indoor practices.  Are they still eligible to play WPYB Tournament?


We encourage kids to be involved in multiple sports.  Specialization at a young age is discouraged.  Kids specializing in one sport are at greater risk of repetitive stress injuries.  As our expectation is that players make their baseball activities during the baseball season, we understand that winter sport activities will take priority over indoor baseball practices.  We ask that you be sure to communicate the conflicts with the coach.


What are the advantages/disadvantages of the WPYB model?

Although WPYB is not affiliated with Little League, our model is very similar to the Little League model that has been used with great success throughout Wisconsin and the country.  We do realize several organizations have been formed to allow kids to only play “select” level ball without requiring them to play in “recreational” leagues.  Our response was that there already are opportunities to do that if the family prefers.  However, we believe strongly that our model is the right one.