The WYS Head Referee will always be fair as possible in terms of scheduling.

The Head Referee will email out a tentative game schedule every Sunday.

Referees will need to respond to the email, and if you cannot make the assigned times please let The Head Referee know by email no later then Tuesday at 6:30.

If you did not respond to the Head Referee by email with your answer by Tuesday at 6:30 your game time will be given to one of the other Referees.

The Schedule will be adjusted accordingly with all changes made by Thursday night at 6:30pm, a link of the schedule will be posted below, and a copy will be sent out via email.

Click this link on or after Thursday night at 6:30pm for updated Schedule


Great job Referees week 2! There were so many compliments on how you are doing!

feedback Below

1. Blow your whistle! You will be going into week three and the whistles need to be louder. With blowing the whistle, make sure people (players and coaches) understand/hear the call.

2. Follow the ball to the touchlines of the field. Sometimes the kids will kick the ball out and continue to play. You need to blow the whistle, stop the play, and call a throw in.

3. The U12 games the halves are 30 minutes each not 25. 

4. The U10 games, during the goal kicks the opposing team must run back to the half way line. They will be playing this way in the spring and they must learn the correct way in this fall. 

5. For those of you refereeing in the U12 and U15 age group and there are two referees. You are to referee the game as a high school game in which you are on opposite sides of the field and stay only on one half. This will help you to stay in line with the second to last defender and make it easier for you to call off sides. In the event there is an offside call made, the next play is an indirect free kick for the defending team. 

6. When making a call point in the direction the ball will be going. For example, if red and blue are playing and re kicks the ball out of play, blow the whistle to stop the play, say what team is going to be taking the throw in and then motion with your hand the direction the ball will be going. 

7. Parent or Coach - If a parent or coach says anything to you that is not appropriate constructive criticism (meaning that it happens after the game or during half time) please either find me, call me or text me as soon as you can so I can reach out to that coach or team parents to make sure it does not happen again. 


Stay confident

if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Caity Almeida Head Referee

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