Central Virginia American Youth Football Conference

Cheer Commissioner Daphanie Monroe

Phone: 804 414-4249

Chesterfield, VA 23834




CVAYFC Cheerleading 2016


 Every association is required to pay $15 per cheerleader for insurance


 Proof of insurance will be provided with a patch that must go on the

cheerleader’s hairbow. Hairbow MUST be worn at every game/event. If         the cheerleader does NOT have the hairbow with the patch, they will NOT be


 Every team is required to have a “conditioning time” during each     practice.  This time should be set aside to exercise and build up endurance.


 During 2016 there will be 2 showcases. Dates TBA


 During 2016 each association will be required to perform one community

event (Of your choice) Examples: visiting a homeless shelter, taking food to the local food pantry, visiting a nursing home etc.


 During 2016 Northside and Southside will be involved in 1 fundraiser, date TBA, for a special event. Example: Going to Jumpology, skating, or Uptown


 Home Games: What is expected of you at your home game: The other party entering your field is a GUEST GREET, UNDERSTAND, ESTABLISH, SUPPORT, THANK! It is your job to greet them, welcoming them onto your home field.  Make sure they understand where everything is located (bathrooms, water fountains, etc.). Establish- this is like a show and for the show to run smoothly we need to communicate. Who is going first at half time? Etc.  Support- Letting that team know you are available for anything that they need, or may have forgotten. Thank- thanking them for coming to cheer on your home field you are to plan with the other team a meet up session.  Since we are all cheering under one organization, and we want to have unity, at your home game you will plan a “meet up time” and will ask the other team to come over and do our CVAYFC cheer and dance. The “Fun Dance” will be the “Sids Shuffle”. Teams should introduce the guest team something like: We invited the Chalkley Steelers over to show you that even though we are on separate teams, we are all cheering for “American Youth Football”! Into cheer, into dance…tell them thank you for coming over and then they can return to their side!


 This is not mandatory, but would really like if it’s your home game for you to have something for the other cheerleaders. EX: candy bag where they

take the treat, juices, waters, more personalized gifts, if you want to go hat far, but come up with a good idea for your teams!


 During half time routines, teams should face their crowd. Teams should not be battling during halftime routines. “


 Directors/Coaches must pass a background check. The Cost through AYF is $5.00


 All Directors/Coaches and Assistant Coaches must take a free “Heads Up

    Concussion Course”. Website CDC.gov. Certificates must be emailed to




Daphanie Monroe
CVAYFC, Cheer Commissioner





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