• The WYFCL’s primary mode of communication is EMAIL … coaches, league representatives, and team moms will use email to keep you up-to-date and informed of upcoming games, items of interest, and volunteer commitments that you have made. You must check your email frequently and make sure the WYFCL, as well as your Coach, and Team Mom, have your current, and correct email address.




  • The Williamsburg Youth Football League (WYFCL) maintains a website to keep you informed, and help you contact coaches, and board members: http://www.leaguelineup.com/wyfcl. The Peninsula Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization (PYFCO) has a web site for tracking the league game results, standings, directions to away games, and contacting officials and board members: http://www.leaguelineup.com/pyfco




  • Player Equipment: Included in your registration fee, the WYFCL provides: Helmet (initial mouthpiece, chinstrap, ear pads), Shoulder pads (straps, hooks, strings), game pants with integrated pads, game socks and game jersey. All of this equipment must be returned to the league at the season’s end, but you get to keep your game socks and game jersey. You must provide: practice pants and a practice jersey, (the WYFCL will have items like this for sale periodically) cleats (no screw in or metal cleats).  The WYFCL will replace any distributed equipment that gets worn out through normal wear and tear. However, lost mouthpieces, chinstraps, ear pads, shoulder pad clips, strings, straps, and snaps that are lost, are the players responsibility to replace. Any equipment not turned in by the end of the year will cause the WYFCL BoD to levy a fine to parents at their discretion.




  • Equipment Distribution: Equipment hand outs occur on 2 Saturdays in July ONLY prior to the start of practice. Players must attend one of these equipment hand out days to receive a properly fitted Helmet and Shoulder pads. On one of these dates we will have a Dick’s Sporting Goods Day where you will receive 20% off of everything in the store.




  • PRACTICES START: Football Player practices begin Monday July 25th. There will be four practices (M-T-W-TH) through September 1st; practices run 6PM - 8PM. Players must be at the field ready to go before 6 pm, we suggest arriving by 5:45 pm to get ready. Once WJCC School begins (Sept 6th) practices will be 3-days a week (M-W-TH), from 6:00P – 8:00P (it’s difficult, but getting to practice by 5:45P is encouraged).




  • PRACTICE FIELDS: The WYFCL holds regularly scheduled practices at the Warhill Field Complex near Wanner Stadium. We are provided game and practice facilities and fields through an agreement with James City County.  We must abide by all county rules at these facilities at all times and keep these facilities clean by removing or disposing of all trash properly. There is absolutely no alcohol, tobacco use, firearms, or pets allowed at the facility.




  • CARPOOLING TO PRACTICE: A list of the players, coaches, their phone numbers, and email addresses will be available to you via email prior to the start of practices, should you wish to arrange car pools with other league families. Make sure we have your correct email address that you check frequently for this list.




  • Attendance at JULY/AUGUST PRACTICES is critical. Football is a sport with many unusual, complicated rules. There is much to teach and little time. We encourage players to attend all practices throughout the year, but during this 1st month especially. Early on, coaches evaluate players looking to find the right position and fit for each player that allows the player to play football, have fun, gain self confidence, and make a positive contribution to the team.




  • The first day of full-pad practice is left up to the discretion of each head coach. Generally, the first day or two of practice requires no equipment and then beginning on the 3rd we acclimate the players to their helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, shorts, socks, and cleats. Full pad practice pants and pads will be used later in the first or possibly the second week. Your coach will advise you.




·        GAMEDAYS: Each team’s schedule will come out in late July/early August and we will play our games every Saturday unless a team has a bye week beginning in late August and running through the end of the season at the end of October. There are TWO weeks of play-offs and a Superbowl played on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Our HOME Field is James River Elementary School (we may have to play our first couple of games in 2016 at another location due to construction on the field this summer) and our games start at:


Ø  8:45AM-Mini-Mites-5 & 6yr olds (Flag Football)


Ø  9:30AM-Mites-7 & 8yr olds (UNLIMITED WEIGHT)


Ø  11:00AM-Mighty Mites-9 & 10yr olds (UNLIMITED WEIGHT)


Ø  12:30PM-Midgets-11 & 12yr olds (UNLIMITED WEIGHT)








  • Inclement Weather … As a rule … plan to be at practice unless you hear otherwise from your coach, team mom, or via a league wide email. Weather is ever changing. We do our best to stay on top of it. Please know that football games are played in all types of weather, and a “rain-shower” is not cause for practice or game cancelation in general. The WYFCL and PYCO adhere strictly to VHSL guidelines on heat and humidity levels to ensure a safe climatological environment for our kids. League representatives are constantly monitoring ever changing weather patterns to make sure that we not only follow VHSL guidelines, but also exercise reasonable on the spot judgement.




  • A Parent or “assigned guardian” MUST be in attendance at all practices and games. This is mandatory. At least one parent, or family friend/guardian, is required to attend practices/games with your football player in case of emergency or early cancelation of practice due to inclement weather. This is quite important since you also need to be advised that the County requires us to notify the authorities if a child has been left unattended with no parent available to pick them up after practice.




  • Parental involvement is encouraged and greatly appreciated. Be there at games and practices for your child to cheer them, support them, and offer positive suggestions & encouragement when they pause for water breaks during practice … but please, let the coach’s coach.




  • “Team Mom” or “Team Dad.” Think of this position as the Team’s Communications & Activities Coordinator for snack assignments, & passing the word on news and events, and reminding parents of their Volunteer assignments. The coaches may task you with helping them organize preseason/during season/after season social activities designed to introduce your team’s players, cheerleaders, and parents to each other and encourage what we will be for at least the next three to four months … a family!




WE believe there are four “cornerstones” for a successful football season.




  1. The starting line-up will be determined by skill level, ability, positive “team” attitude, determination and attendance. A “Starter” does not necessarily equate to a player being better than someone else at that particular position. In fact, it is quite possible that someone who doesn’t “start” on the first series ends up with more “game time” than a player who did. The WYFCL abides by PYFCO minimum play rules.




  1. Our goal is not just teaching Football Skills, and it is not all about winning. Life Skills Are an Integral Part Of What We Teach:  Responsibility, Goal Setting, Sportsmanship, Self-Control, Smart Moves, Teamwork, Leadership, Perseverance, Dedication, Loyalty, & Honor.


3.      The TEAM does not demand that its players be the biggest and the best. It only asks that they try. Ability is what you are capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.


4.      Success requires a willingness to work hard and a dedication to work hard because “winning” is hard work!  “110%, every drill, every practice, every play, every game. Your young football player will hear the coaches reinforce this throughout the season to emphasize a positive team work ethic. These are not just words. They are an attitude. And they require an attitude.




We sincerely hope that all the parents, football players, and cheerleaders have a successful and enjoyable 2016 season.




Most importantly, please remember that we are all here for the kids.




“ A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…. but perhaps the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child ”