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The Aqua Shirt! You may be asking yourself right now, what is the Aqua Shirt? The Aqua Shirt is a cooling shirt designed specifically for athletes to wear when they are training and/or competing in games against their competition. The Aqua Shirt keeps the core body temperature cool while an athlete is working hard. With high temperatures and high humidity levels present, athletes need to hydrate their body by drinking fluids and cooling their body temperature. The Aqua Shirt in fact helps keep the body temperature cooler since the shirt holds water inside its material and it is worn directly against the core body area.

Heat Related:

Based on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Heat exhaustion is a serious condition which athletes face and requires prompt removal from participation. Hydration and body cooling are necessary to prevent further rise in core temperature. If the athlete is too disoriented to safely ingest fluids, or becomes unconscious, immediate transportation to a medical facility is warranted. Heat stroke occurs when the core body temperature rises to 104ºF (40ºC) or greater as the body's thermoregulatory and central nervous systems collapse. It is a medical emergency and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is to be activated. Aggressive cooling of the body is necessary and cold water immersion is best. Alternative cooling methods are the use of a hose/sprinkling system and ice bags.

Competitive Edge Over Your Competition:

Imagine your son and/or daughter is training during hot and/or humid days for 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs two to three times per week over the season. How much intensity and effort are they able to give if their core body temperature is hot? Now imagine your child playing in a league match or in a tournament game and it's hot and/or humid. How productive are they in the second half? Are they equal or less than equal to their opponents? Now imagine them wearing the Aqua Shirt! They will be more intense and will put forth better effort in their training sessions. They will also have a major advantage in league games and tournaments when you know your child is wearing The Aqua Shirt.

The Aqua Shirt is excited to partner with Storm Soccer Club for the following clubwide fundraising program: The Aqua Shirt will offer a % payback to Storm Soccer Club for each player that orders an Aqua Shirt. Parents will have until Friday, September 13, 2013 to order their shirt(s). The Aqua Shirts will be produced and delivered directly to Storm Soccer Club within one week after the order deadline. Parents can order as many shirts as they want to for their own individual player(s) as well as any other friends and family members.

Aqua Shirt Price:

Youth Size - $40

Adult Size - $50


Normal % of payback:

Under 50 shirts - 10%

51-100 shirts - 12%

101 shirts and over - 15%

** We will increase that to 25% for 50 plus ordered through Storm Soccer Club **

The 25% paid back to the Storm Soccer Club will mostly be used for helping increase the club scholarship program for players and parents needing financial help in order to be able to play select soccer

The Aqua Shirt is a must have for any athlete who trains and plays hard! If your child and team does not have them, beware that your competition does!