Last Updated: October 6, 2015
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Final Notice Reminder

The January deadline to return all unsold cards and money has long since past. As per the email that was sent out on February 24th,
this is final notice that all cards/cash must be returned by Thursday March 7th.

After March 7th, members' accounts will be charged $20.00 for each Fundraising Card not returned.
Please hand in your cards/cash before Thursday March 7th to Tonia or bring them to the
LLSC Special Meeting at JBMAC on Thursday March 7th at 5:00pm.

LLSC Fundraising Cards Due January 31, 2013

The deadline for returning all money collected and any unsold Fundraising Cards is Thursday January 31st.
Please refer to the email that you received for more details.

LLSC Saving Cards - Deadline Extended to January 31, 2013

The deadline for selling the cards is now January 31, 2013.
Please return all unsold cards and cash collected to your group contact (the person that originally distributed the cards to you) on/before this date.
Thank you.  Click here to read more information

LLSC Savings Cards

So far, we have been unsuccessful in securing a location to sell the cards in the community.
Now, with Christmas coming, we do not want to encroach on charitable groups such as The Salvation Army that are out trying to raise funds.
Please do your best to sell your cards directly. Thank you.

Saving Cards: All funds raised and any unsold cards need to be submitted on December 17th.

No Community Sales this weekend

We are not gathering outside local stores tomorrow (Saturday November 17th) to sell the LLSC Cards.
The two businesses we contacted have denied our request. We are looking at other options for dates in December.

Prize Poster

Community Sale Dates

The tentative date to sell cards outside local businesses is: Saturday November 17 from 11:00am-2:00pm.
Watch website and email for more details..

Sell 15 LLSC cards to qualify to win some great prizes!

When you sell 15 cards, your name will be entered into a draw to win a 3rd Generation ipad!
For every other FIVE cards you sell, you will be entered into the draw again!
Also, when you sell 15 cards, you are eligible to win one of the top seller prizes.
Top seller: $100.00 Gift Card 2nd place: $50.00 3rd place: $25.00

LLSC Saving Cards Information