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"I love this picture because this is a FAMILY!
We are one BIG family no matter the age,
or how we look, or if we dance or cheer,
or if we are parents or coaches.
This organization has so much love and support.
No matter what place we come in, we are always #1.
I wouldn't want my daughter anywhere else.
Look at the smiles on their faces...PRICELESS!!"
Katie Taylor, Static Parent

My daughter and I came to HVA this season. She is a second year cheerleader and was looking for a highly structured and organized gym to take her to the next level, further her tumbling skills, and grow her confidence. We chose HVA initially because I was really impressed with how organized and established they were, but also how tight knit their coaches, cheerleaders, and parents appeared to me. Their mantra "one team, one family" resonated with me instantly. I also liked how in comparison to some other gyms, the athletes were always professional, even the younger ones, at competitions and on social media. They were very supportive and positive towards Haley even when she was on a different team, and towards other gyms - even at competitions where they were competing against each other! It didn't seem to matter that they were all competing, their team and their athletes exuded confidence in themselves and exemplary sportsmanship which is so important to me! This had to be a direct reflection of their coaches and the gym they were a part of. I will admit, I was hesitant to try a new gym just because change is always difficult and getting to know an entire new group of girls and parents was a little nerve wracking, but from the moment we walked in the door, everybody - coaches, cheerleaders, parents alike - made us feel welcome. They definitely own their mantra "one team, one family". Not only that, the coaching is phenomenal and leaves nothing to be desired! They will push your child to be the best they can be. They offer a perfect blend of support and constructive criticism that brings out the best in cheerleaders. They tell the girls what they need to work on and push them to achieve new skills, and when they do, the coaches are genuinely excited and happy for them. Haley immediately perfected the skills she already had and learned new tumbling skills almost immediately. When she did, the first thing she wanted to do was show coach Justine, who is always on the mat working side by side with the girls.  Haley's confidence has grown tremendously since she started HVA, because she knows her coaches are invested in helping her be successful and they have the expertise to take her where she wants to go, if she is willing to put in the work.  I am so appreciative of how much she has learned already! If this all has happened in the short time we have been there, I am excited, and completely optimistic to see what the rest of the season will bring. Haley already feels like she belongs here and I'm glad we found a home at HVA!

HVA is a great program and has helped both of my girls with their self esteem.  I would never have imagined they would have went out there and performed that routine!  I will never forget how nervous I was for them at their first competition.  I was worried they would cry or wouldn't do it, but I ended up crying for them.  You guys are really AWESOME!!

Karen North-Smith

We are the Warfield’s. Our family has been in the HVA family for 2 years and with some of the staff, going on 3 seasons. I’ve always loved HVA and always wanted to write a testimonial, but wasn’t quite sure how to put it in words. Well, at our last competition, it dawned on me what I wanted to write about. Yes, cheerleading and dancing is a sport which teaches many things, and both of our girls LOVE it, but what’s more important is we are not just parents and teammates alone. We are family. We look out for each other both on and off the mat, as well as enjoy “get togethers” outside of the gym. When one of us is missing, it’s noticed and their absence doesn’t go unquestioned. When talking with another parent after our performance, I realized we have awesome squads, of all ages and types, but our athletes know they are awesome because they know they have all of the parents, all of the coaches and all of the sister squads there to back them up, whether it’s a good performance or not. When our family is with HVA at any event, it’s always a great day. It’s very comforting knowing you are with family, especially when sometimes you are with them ALL DAY or even ALL WEEKEND! Notice I did not say “stuck”. Being with HVA is not cumbersome but enjoyable, which is most of all why we enjoy being a part of the High Voltage All Stars gym.   
My name is Abbie and this is my 9th year cheerleading and my 3rd year with High Voltage Allstars.  I love HVA because everyone is so caring and always there to help.  Our coaches are great at what they do and if you need any help they are always there.I also love HVA because we have so much fun with socials and parties, but when its time to get our work done, we get our work done and do the best we can. HVA is a team you can always trust and you know you will have fun and do good. I love High Voltage Allstars, we are one big family!
What cheerleading and dance mean to me...







New routines
Practice after Practice
Out of breath
Breaking a sweat
Dance, cheer, tumbling
Again and again
Adding facials
Stretching my muscles to smile,
Focusing on our audience
Synchronization is key
Teamwork as well.
Together it’s a cheer
Out of sync?
Its jumping around.

Nervous and scared
Yet happy and anxious
Ready to go show them
What we’ve got
All it takes
Is hard work and determination
When I walk on that mat
I am a totally different person.
Still me
But a more public me.
It’s time to go
Show myself to the world.

All that matters
Is that I have fun
But part of that fun
Is being with my teammates
My family.
As I walk off the mat
I feel my body
Stretched to the limits.

Cheerleading has become
A part of my life.
It is my sport
Forever and Always.
I am an athlete!

Written By:
Alyssa Brooke Warfield
One of our new HVA cheerleaders!
Two Minutes & Thirty Seconds
By Ally Warfield, HVA Cheerleader

Today is the day
I have to compete
I’ve got to get moving
And get on my feet

It’s been a long road
Six years of hard work
They are called facials
Not just a smirk

I take out my battle gear
Red, white and blue uniform
Hair bow and make-up
I’m ready to perform

Lots and lots of glitter
Scatters everywhere
I need a lot of hairspray
And a bobby pin there

I gather with my army
As we prepare to fight
We stretch out our muscles
They cannot be tight

As we walk down the hall
Prepared to face our fear
The tumbling mat is next
I must keep my head clear

Tumble, tumble, tumble
Back handspring, back tuck
Over, over and over again
It’s about perfection, not just luck

The lights are bright
We really want first
It’s not our first time
It has all been rehearsed

Two minutes and thirty seconds
That’s all that we’ve got
“Ladies you may begin”
This is our only shot

The music starts to play
Our parents start to shout
“High Voltage All-Stars”
That’s what it’s all about

Pyramid, twist downs, baskets
They all seemed to hit
Our time is almost over
We need to finish it

Here comes the grand finale
Dance, dance, dance
The last of the eight counts
This is our final chance

Tired and exhausted
Gasping for air
I hope the coach is proud
And god answered my prayer

The judges start to tally
Our performance and our score
We hug and embrace-
Our muscles still burning to the core

Today was the day
I had to compete
We won the war
First place cannot be beat