Last Updated: October 17, 2017


Judges are required to fulfil the Clubs entry requirements to competitions.
CETC have a fantastic team of Judges including gymnasts, coaches and parent volunteers, who have attained Judging qualifications to support CETC.
All the CETC judges below, have revalidated their qualifications in 2017 to the new judging cycle requirements, and the Club supports volunteers to complete these courses.
Anyone over the age of 15 years can attend the first level (CLUB Judge) course, and no previous knowledge or experience is required - it is all taught on the course!! 
You can progress through the judging levels from Club to County, to Regional and then National.
Brevet judge status is by invitation only by FIG, and is the highest qualification available - permitting judging at Olympic/International level.

For more information on available judging courses/ funding, contact the Club secretary.
Read the two review articles below, from parents who have completed the Club level course.

Here is a list of our current qualified judges for Trampoling & DMT:

Lauren Jeffrey : REGIONAL Trampoline Judge & COUNTY DMT  Judge
Kayleigh Jeffrey : REGIONAL Trampoline Judge & COUNTY DMT Judge
Lauren Millar : REGIONAL Trampoline Judge & COUNTY DMT Judge
Lauren Jamieson : REGIONAL Trampoline Judge & COUNTY DMT Judge

David Connolly : COUNTY Trampoline Judge & COUNTY DMT Judge
Kirsty Beaton : COUNTY Trampoline Judge & COUNTY DMT  Judge

Rebecca Stevenson : CLUB Trampoline Judge
Leona Scott : CLUB Trampoline Judge
Samantha Smith : CLUB Trampoline Judge
Claire Noble : CLUB Trampoline Judge
Steve Brown : CLUB Trampoline Judge
Orla Donlevy : CLUB Trampoline Judge



 TRAMPOLINE JUDGING COURSE -  The Parents' Point of View!!


Scottish Gymnastics Trampoline Judging Course April 2014

On 27th and 28th April I, along with two other parents from the Club, attended the trampoline judging course run by Scottish Gymnastics. 
The course lasts two days and is organised at various venues across the country throughout the year. 
The course content covers all aspects of judging, including the shape and form expected, applicable deductions, judging format, scoring calculations and much more!! 
No previous trampoline knowledge is required.
I have developed my personal understanding of the sport and increased my knowledge of the judging system! 
I can now support the Club at future competitions by helping meet the required ratio of competitors and judges, allowing coaches to support competitors. 
It also means I can complement coaches’ advice and support to my child, to enhance her development -  and for me, it means an addition to my CV!
As a parent, if you are considering becoming a judge, sign yourself up for the next course.  What’s to loose??


SG Trampoline Judging Course  - June 2013

Saturday 29th June found me , Lesley Paterson, Elaine la Roche and Heather Preston up bright and early and heading out to the Sighthill Campus of Napier University.
were all a little apprehensive, after all, we had all learned to wash a leotard without the colours running, I was fairly proficient at removing mysterious stains from gymnastic whites,
and the others could do amazing things with their daughters
hair that stayed in place even when the girls turned upside down, but were we ready for a Judges Course?
There were about 12 others on the course - a mixture of gymnasts, coaches and parents, and the course was led by Sue Freeman a highly experienced Judge form Birkenhead Club.
Sue quickly reassured us that the course assumed no prior knowledge of trampolining and that no question was too stupid to ask (just as well!). Over the course of
Sue took us through all the things a Club Judge needs to know, from what constitutes a pike jump, to what deductions to make for a wobbly landing - and even covered what to do if a leotard falls off!
We were all pleasantly surprised at how much we already knew just from helping out at club events. We were given great easy to read handouts, and sent away to
prepare for the test on Sunday.
Test day
brought more nerves, but Sue spent the first part of the day going over all the things we would need for the test and made sure we were all well prepared.
The test is not timed, so you can take as long as you need and there was nothing in it that Sue had not covered with us. Everyone on our course passed the written test
and we then spent the rest of the day watching videos of routines and learning how to score them. All in all, the course was great fun; everyone there was friendly and supportive,
and it was good to learn more about the sport our kids love.
Since doing the course I have been asked to judge twice, once DMT and once Trampolining. It is a bit nerve wracking to start with, but without exception I have found the other judges
and the Chair of Panel to be really encouraging and helpful. (and a special mention to Val Donlevy for sharing her magic method for totaling scores quickly!).
It seems to me daft, that we have our coaches judging when they could be out on the floor supporting our children at competitions, and an afternoon judging goes by much faster
than an afternoon sat watching! If you are interested in becoming a judge at the Club, watch out for details of the next local course.