Concession Stand Schedule

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All Teams are to provide at least 4 volunteers for
a 2 hour time frame
1 (ONE) time during the season.

If a team does not show up to work their concession duty, the head coach will be suspended for 2 games.
Please follow schedule below.



  5:30-7:30 7:30-9:30      
10-Apr PWB Athletics CTB Cardinals      
11-Apr PWG Jammers CSB Lil Pink Sox      
13-Apr PWB Giants TB Tigers      
14-Apr MJB Astros TB Mets      



17-Apr MIB Astros TB Diamondbacks      
18-Apr PWB Braves CTB Braves      
19-Apr MIG Bulldogs XXXXXXX      
20-Apr MIB Athletics TB Giants      
21-Apr MJG Aztec-X CSB Lil Storm   10:00-12:00 12:00-2:00
      4/22/2017  MJB Cardinals MJG Mayhem



24-Apr PWB Cardinals CTB Cubs      
25-Apr PWG Flames CSB Lil Pixies      
26-Apr MIB Cardinals XXXXXXX      
27-Apr PWB Pirates MJB Cubs      
28-Apr MJB Rays TB Orioles   10:00-12:00 12:00-2:00
      29-Apr  MJG Xtreme TB Athletics
  5:30-7:30 7:30-9:30      
1-May MIB Pirates TB Cardinals      
2-May PWB White Sox CTB Orioles      
3-May MIG Bubble Beezs XXXXXXX      
4-May MIB Cubs TB Braves      
5-May PWB Rockies 5070 TEAM      






8-May PWB Tigers CTB Diamondbacks      
9-May PWG Diamond Divas CSB LiL Raptors      
10-May MIB Marlins XXXXXXX      
11-May MIG Crush MIB Rockies      
12-May MJB Diamondbacks TB Rays   10:00-12:00 12:00-2:00
      5/13/2017* MJG Southern Belles NEED
  5:30-7:30 7:30-9:30      
15-May PWG SWAT TB Pirates      
16-May PWB Red Sox MIB White Sox      
17-May MIG Choas XXXXXXX      
18-May MIB Rays TB White Sox      
19-May MJG Vipers CTB Reds   10:00-12:00 12:00-2:00
      20-May MJB Marlins 50/70 Rockies & Nationals
  5:30-7:30 7:30-9:30      
22-May PWG Animals CTB Rockies      
23-May PWB Orioles CSB Lil Starrs      
24-May MIB  Yankees 50/70 Cards/ Braves      
25-May MIG Rebels  50/70 Red Sox/ White Sox
26-May MJB Yankees        
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