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***************** Swimmers ***************************

Swim Nutrition for Athletes and Coaches

High School Credits for Swimming

External high school credits are available for swimmers registered with SwimBC who have met the following criteria:
- BC AAA Championships Qualifying Times (15 or older): Athlete 10
- SNC Western Canadian Championships Qualifying Time: Athlete 11
- Age Group National Qualifying Time (15 or older): Athlete 11
- SNC Senior National Championships Qualifying Time: Athlete 12
- International Standards Qualifying Time: Athlete 12
Click here for more information

Performance Point Breathing

Competition Nutrition

Quick Nutritional Reminders

Basic Swim Meet Information

Energy Drinks vs Sports Drinks

What We Learned at the 2010 Swimming Worlds

Success in Athletics

***************** Parents ***************************

Officiating at Swim Meets

Want some more information to help you with officiating at swim meets? Check out the following links:
Click here for Swim Canada Officiating videos
Click here for BC Swim Officials Association

Canadian Sport Schools Information

Canadian Sport School is high-performance multi-sport education program for grades 10-12.
The program is delivered by the Canadian Sport Institute, PacificSport Okanagan, and PacificSport Northern BC. Click here to read more information.

Canadian Sport School in Victoria, BC has created a document that outlines the program. Click here to read details.
To check out the local program offered through PacificSport Okanagan, click here for their website.

Supporting Your Children

Nightmare Sports Parent or Great Sports Parent?

Swim BC Parent Resource Guide

Are Some Kids Overscheduled?

On Aging Up and Expectations

10 Commandments for Parents