Who can play Shark River Lacrosse?

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Who can play for Shark River Lacrosse??

SRL is set up for the sending district of Manasquan High School (Avon, Belmar, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Hts., Sea Girt, Mansaquan & Brielle) that said it is also open for those from surrounding areas granted that your town does not offer Lacrosse. For example, you live in Point Pleasant and want to play Lacrosse, you can sign up for Shark River Lacrosse because Point Pleasant does not have a Lacrosse program...but say you live in Wall and you decide you want to play Lacrosse you have to play for Wall Lacrosse Club if they offer a similar program in your child's grade.

Exceptions: If your child played for Shark River Lacrosse because your town did'nt offer lacrosse and your town starts a program or offers it at older grades...you do have the option of choosing which program your child plays for, you will not be "kicked out".  At the end of the day we dont want to force players to switch teams if they have a comfort level. 

Imortant note: If your child does sign up for Shark River Lacrosse we require, given the committment, that they do not sign up for any other local travel lacrosse teams.

Leaving Shark River LAX for another Lacrosse program:  If for some reason you decide to leave SRL for another program we wish you all the best, that said, our policy is you do not come back*...the last thing we want is having parents playing one program against the other...or players jumping back and forth from one program to another.  It is not fair to team members or program adminstrators.

*- (If their were extenuating circumstances why you left and you want to come back you can present that to the SRL board in writing for review)