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2014/2015 Coaching Staff


Club Technical Director: Garrett Stark

 Club Keeper Trainer: Kevin Wright

Club Academy Director: Ken McDaniel


Boys Coaching Staff

U9 (06) Academy Boys: Ken McDaniel/Garrett Stark/John Waizenhofer

U10 (05) Boys: Ken McDaniel

U11 (04) Boys White: John Burnside

U11 (04) Boys Orange: Brian Woods

U12 (03) Boys White: John McKibben & Brock Sutherland - Trainer: Kevin Wright

U12 (03) Boys Orange: Dong Li

U13 (02) Boys: Brock Sutherland

U14 (01) Boys: Charlie Campbell

U15 (00) Boys: Brock Sutherland

U16 (99) Boys: Ken McDaniel

U17 (98) Boys: Ken McDaniel

U18 (97) Boys: Nate Andrews


Girls Coaching Staff

U9 (06) Academy Girls: Ken McDaniel/Garrett Stark/John Waizenhofer

U10 (05) Girls: Josh Byrne

U11 (04) Girls: Ken McDaniel

U12 (03) Girls White: Garrett Stark

U13 (02) Girls: John Burnside

U14 (01) Girls White: Garrett Stark

U15 (00) Girls: Lewis Hale

U15 (00) Girls: Ken McDaniel

U16 (99) Girls White: Garrett Davis, Adam Howard, & Ben Andrews

U16 (99) Girls Orange: Louis Jones

U17 (98) Girls: Hunt Pope

U18 (97) Girls: Zach Welch


(Coaching assignments subject to change)

(If additional teams form any any age group, the Storm Committee will select a coach for that team)


If you have any questions about our Storm Teams please email our Club Technical Director: Garrett Stark