Last Updated: December 1, 2015



2015 All Star Game Volunteers
Canal LL is hosting approximately 20 All Star contests.  Your volunteer support is greatly needed to make these events a success.  To sign up please click the icon below.  Thank you.
Contact Sean Franek @  with any questions on these positions.




2015 Regular Season.

The following ways are available for families to fulfill their volunteer hours. All families must complete 3 hours of volunteer work and a 3-hour concession stand shift:

Managing (1 per team)
Coaching (2 per team)
Team parent (1 per team)
Field Days (3/14, 3/21). Job lists to be posted prior to each weekend date.
Special events (i.e. opening day (4/11), Tournament staffing, etc...)

Questions? Email our workbond coordinator at: TBA

2015 Volunteer Form (PDF)

 Concession Stand - On Line Sign Ups

It only takes a minute to set up your account.  You will be required to enter your name, email address and phone number so that we can contact you with a reminder or if games are canceled due to weather conditions.


2015 Work Bond Agreement

Dear Little League Family,

As you know, Canal Little League is a volunteer organization. No one involved in this program is paid. Over 2,000 hours of time is needed to run the regular season. As a result, in order for us to be successful, we need your support. Each family is asked to provide a $90 Work Bond fee. This work bond is then held as collateral against 6 hours of time spent volunteering in various capacities with the league over the course of the season. First, each family is being required to work 3 hours in the concessions. Concession slots will be available for signup via the website starting on 4/1/15 once schedules are available for your son/daughters team.  You are responsible for insuring that your family covers this shift. In order to receive credit, the family MUST sign in on the volunteer sign in sheet in the concession stand. If you fail to do so, credit may not be given. It is important that everyone work concessions in order for us to make sure that the stands are opened for all games at all levels.
Every family is required to work these hours in order to receive the work bond back. No family will be exempted from this requirement. Additionally, each family is asked to provide an additional 3 hours of time. This time can be as a manager, coach, team parent, umpire, scorekeeper, work on Field Clean up Day, Picture Day, Opening Day, or other opportunities that may be presented during the year. For positions such as coach, manager and team parent, credit will be given based upon the official Team Rosters maintained by the Player Agent. If the official roster is incomplete, no credit will be issued. For all umpiring opportunities, the manager of the team will need to email the work bond coordinator with names of any parents who worked as an umpire. If an email is not sent, credit will not be given. For volunteer days, such as Opening Day and a Field Clean up Day, credit will only be given to those individuals who sign in on the official volunteer sign in sheets. If you are at an event, and are not presented with a sign in sheet, you should ask. A sign in sheet will be present at all events.
Failure to have your name on the team rosters, or to sign in on the volunteer sign in sheets in the concession stand or any special event day, may result in failure to receive proper volunteer credit and therefore, the work bond would be forfeited. All volunteer hours must be completed by June 15th. Once all 6 hours of volunteer time for each family has been recorded, the work bond will be returned via check on dates which will be made available later in the season. No partial refunds will be made. Please indicate that you agree to the above conditions by checking the “I agree” button on the online registration form and filling out the workbond agreement form. Any questions regarding the work bond can be directed to the work bond coordinator at.