20170612 - Proposed Constitutional Amendment for CBRMHA

June 12, 2017


Be it so moved that Article 8 – Nominations paragraph (c) sub section (vi) Executive Coordinator be struck and changed to the title of  “Special events and Tournament Coordinator”






(a) Each member shall have the privilege of nominating a member for each office of the Association;


            (b) For the purpose of filling positions on the Board a Nominating Committee may be struck;


 (c) The Association shall consist of the following Board Members all of whom shall be voting members in good standing of the Association and shall consist of four Executive positions and ten Director Positions, for a total of fourteen board members, which will be made up of the following:


(i) President;


(ii) Past President;


(iii) Vice President;




(v) All Star League Representative;


(vi)Executive Coordinator


(vii) Divisional Coordinators (Initiation, Novice, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget);


(viii) Registrar;


(ix) Female Representative/Fundraising Coordinator




The President, Past President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be known as the “Executive”. The remaining members of the Board shall be known as Directors. All members of the Board shall be elected at an AGM of members of the Association with the exception of the Past President position. Board members (with the exception of Divisional Coordinators) shall be elected for a two year term at the AGM and are eligible for re-election at the end of the two year term. The positions of President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Registrar shall be elected on even numbered years. The positions of Vice President, All Star League Representative, Executive Coordinator and Female Representative/Fundraising Coordinator shall be elected on odd numbered years.




Justification for change:


Many of the current duties outlined for this position in the By Laws are better suited to assignment for paid staff and other executive members.  This would allow for continuity of the duties which in many ways go well beyond what can be expected of a volunteer.  The new proposed position would maintain the voting balance of the board and create a position that would bridge the one year term for divisional coordinators when it comes to running our annual tournaments and jamborees across all divisions.  This positions duties would also include be on the events committee for any AAA, Atlantic or Provincial tournaments and events which we may be involved in hosting as an association. 



Motion was discussed and reviewed for submittal to the AGM agenda at the June 4th executive meeting


Vince Burton

CBRMHA President


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