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 Monday, January 9th/2017

 Subject:                High Performance 1 Coaching Seminar: Pre-Registration Now Open

 From:                     Paul Dagg, Technical Director Hockey NL


The Hockey Canada High Performance 1 Coaching Seminar is being hosted by Hockey NL, July 5th -9th/2017at Memorial University in St. John’s.

 Pre-Registration for this course is now available,CLICK HERE to complete the online form.

 *Once pre-registration closes (March 3rd) the branch will review applications and notify those who are accepted and not accepted into the course. Full details will be provided in the successful application package after the pre-registration period closes.

 The HP1 course offers coaches the opportunity to hear and learn from professional speakers in a high performance 1 coaching atmosphere as well as engage in theory work through a group setting. Some of the topics will include; Yearly planning, advanced skills/game analysis, goaltending, special teams, practice prep/design, player evaluations, bench management, offensive/defensive play and much more.

 For more details on the High Performance 1 Coaching Seminar, please visit:

 High Performance 1 Website Page

 Any questions or concerns please contact:

Paul Dagg 

Technical Director

Hockey NL

Twitter: @Hkynl




























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