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RECORD CHALLENGE : The longest game played   
We're Gonna Do It for 69 Hours!  

Previous Record : 54 hours

We need 48 dedicated kickballers to be our players as well as many others who can serve as 

witnesses, stewards, timekeepers, and assistants to the many tasks this event needs to be a success.


This event benefits the Wounded Warriors Project

We hope to make a hefty donation to their cause & we need your help! 

Bigballs is also looking for sponsor spots and money raised will go to the charity.  

for more info on being a sponsor / vendor.


Wouldn't it be amazing to be in the same record books as all your favorite athletes?

  • This means you must be off work, get babysitters, make sure no one in your family is going to be in some sort of emergency,
  • Be ok with being outside for 3 days straight, etc.
  • YOU CAN SLEEP... tents are allowed and there will be set hours where you can get your necessary rest.
  • If you leave the premises, you are off the roster and your name will not appear on the official documents.
  • Bring your own necessities 

For further information please contact us at


The 48 Players 

1. Natalie Collins
13. Jake A.                  
25. Christopher R     37. Lindsay D.       
2. Jeff "That Guy" Koch   14.  Christina A 26. Adam B. 38. Sam c.
3. Nicholas A. 15.  Lucas C. 27. Lindsey S 39. Bill I.
4. Sean G. 16.  Adam C. 28. Ben C 40. Clayton P.
5. Rosey M. 17.  Samantha W. 29. Melissa J 41. Tim B.
6. Allison G. 18.  Stephen M. 30. Adam J  42. Kimberly A.
7. Rachael B. 19.  Ryan A.  31. Chelsea H 43. Charlie G. 
8. Steve S. 20.  Heather Z. 32. Matt S 44. Justin M.
9. Gerad E. 21. Terry L. 33. Christy J 45. Mark w. 
10. Chris S. 22. Keely B. 34. Joshua G  46. David R.
11. Nick S. 23. Robert M. 35. Christopher M 47. Danny O. 
12. Kurt T. 24. Jeff K. 36. Richard A  48. James T.