Online Registration and Payment Processing

Make it easier and faster for your members to register by utilizing's FREE online registration services. You can setup any number of registration, survey and other forms on both our free and upgraded sites.

All data entered by your visitors is available immediately online through the reports in the administration section of your site. You can also download this information for use offline.

Why should your organization move your registrations online?

  • Save money - eliminates or greatly reduces the printing, mailing and distribution costs for distributing your registration information.
  • Increased accuracy - by accepting your registrations online, you'll be certain to get the most accurate information in a timely manner. No longer will you receive the wrong registration fees or illegible handwritten information.
  • Online reports - get up to the minute status reports of each person that has registered online.
  • Data downloads - download your registration data and load it into your local database systems
  • Increased traffic - by performing your registrations online, you're guaranteed to increase the traffic to your web site. This will increase the value of your site when using our online fundraising program by providing your local sponsors with greater exposure for their products and services.

What types of online forms can you create?

You can create any type of form your organization may need including:
  • Player registrations
  • Volunteer signups
  • Sponsorship signups
  • Tournament registrations
  • Umpire/referee registrations
  • Surveys and Questionaires

Can we accept registration payments online?

Yes, you can add our optional credit card processing to accept your registration payments online. Click here for more information.