Last Updated: October 10, 2017
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After a hard fought game at Holman Stadium, the Bedford Bisons sweep the Manchester IronPigs 2 games to 0 to reclaim the title

After winning a combined 5 games in 3 years, the Manchester IronPigs made their first ever finals trip in their first winning season.

The series-clinching game was an instant classic as the Bisons' Chris Larose and the IronPigs' Cesar Reyes traded 0's for 8-1/2 innings before the Bisons, courtesy of Nate Noyes, finally plated the only run with 2 outs in the ninth inning.

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Bedford Bisons, 2016 NHBL Champs Manchester IronPigs, 2016 NHBL Championship Finalist NHBL Championship Series - Historic Holman Stadium in Nashua, NH Bisons' Chris Larose deliver first pitch of Game #2 of the NHBL Championship Series Bisons Den Linehan behind the dish
IronPigs' Ace Cesar Reyes Bisons' Mike Welch swings hard IronPigs' Manuel Castro stalking his prey -- the all-mighty Bison IronPigs' Wade Ungaro Bisons' Mike Welch
IronPigs Cesar Reyes (nice view) IronPigs' Wade Ungaro takes his lead Bisons' second-sacker Joe Fabrinni IronPigs' John Rigal IronPigs' Eddy "Big Poppa" Mendez
IronPigs' "Rookie of the Year" Julian Gil. 

Manuel Castro waits his turn on deck. IronPigs Captain Rick Berry (center) flanked by Randy Dickens (left) and Assistant Coach Frankie Trinidad (right) Long-time IronPigs' First Baseman Rick Berry. This ended up being Berry's final game for the IronPigs. He wanted to go out on a high note after some terrible 'Pig seasons. I would say this was a high note for the frnachise, reaching the NHBL Championship Series. Bisons' Chris Larose (another nice angle) The Handoff.
NHBL President Tom Walker, Nate Noyes (#4), Ken Proulx (#11), Braves Manager of the 2015 NHBL Champions Mike Moore and Steve Tempesta (#5) IronPigs Euclides Pichardo delivers first pitch of 2016 NHBL Championship Sergio Hebra leads off NHBL Championship Game #1 at Memorial Field in Concord The IronPigs' Frankie Trinidad yakking it up and Bisons' Sergio Hebra "adjusting" it up at third base Pichardo delivers again!
Julian "Colombia " Villarreal manning 1st base Bisons' Ken Proulx delivers pitch 'Pigs' Wade Ungaro squares to bunt Frankie Trinidad What Can Brown Do For You?
"Hi, Sean" 'Pigs in trouble Proulx helping out his pitcher (himself) with a big hit! Colombia the clean-up machine 'Pigs John Rigal looks to throw out the runner
Bisons Mike Welch Hebra Smash Brown can't quite get there Rigal powers up, but only warning track power
Ken Proulx Game #1 Winner IronPigs' Curtis Brown