Wounded Warrior Project

A semi-pro team participating in leagues in both Western Massachusetts, and The Netherlands.

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What a Handsome group of fellows !
2012 WMWBL College Scholarship Presentation
2012 WMWBL College Scholarship Presentation - 2
El Presidente~...

"But I don't feel no love...."
God Bless America !
And God Bless The Bullies !!
Where's Bob Uecker when you need him ??
Mayor Mike dealing against old foe Steve Powers
How does Mayor Mike Celebrate his First Win in His Bullie Debut ?? He Sprints up Skinner Mountain. That's how.

The Wet Bandit lives !
Do these trees in the background make my tummy look big ??
The Ever Versatile, Richie Bowers
Rob Van Winkle Sigda
Ron Jeremy Looking for the Nearest Cooler

The Sultan of Swat
Unfortunately a small quantity of this card was given as a gift on "Kid's Day", before the proofreaders caught the Billy Ripken obscenity.
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