Last Updated: June 16, 2013
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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home
Sun2/5/20127:10pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Mon4/30/20127:00pm TBPN/RTryout  Grimsby   PKC
Tue5/1/20127:00pm TBPN/RTryout  Grimsby   PKC
Thu5/3/20127:00pm TBPN/RTryout  Grimsby   PKC
Sat5/5/201212:00pm TBPN/RHamilton Huskies AA  Grimsby   PKC
Sun5/6/201212:00pm TBPN/RTryout  Grimsby   PKC
Wed5/9/20126:00pm W 3-1 Grimsby  Niagara Falls   Gale Centre
Thu5/10/20126:00pm TBPN/RTryout  Grimsby   PKC
Sun8/26/20121:30pm L 2-3 Grimsby  Burlington Bulldogs   Appleby Ice Centre
Wed8/29/20126:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   Mohawk 4 Ice Centre
Thu8/30/20127:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat9/1/20124:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun9/2/20124:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue9/4/20126:00pm W 2-4 Burlington Bulldogs  Grimsby   PKC
Sat9/8/201211:10am L 4-6 Grimsby  Detroit Stars   Great Lakes Sports City
Sat9/8/20126:20pm L 4-0 Lasalle Sabres  Grimsby   Great Lakes Sports City
Sun9/9/20127:50am W 4-5 St. Clair Shores Saints  Grimsby   Great Lakes Sports City
Sun9/9/2012TBA L 4-5 Grimsby  Detroit Stars   Great Lakes Sports City
Wed9/12/20127:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri9/14/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat9/15/20128:00am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun9/16/20124:00pm W 3-5 Niagara Falls  Grimsby   PKC
Mon9/17/20124:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   West Lincoln Arena
Thu9/20/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri9/21/20129:00am W 4-3 Grimsby  West London Hawks   Ridley College
Fri9/21/201212:45pm W 1-5 Kitchener Rangers  Grimsby   Seymour-Hannah Sportsplex
Sat9/22/20128:00am W 12-1 Grimsby  Stoney Creek AE   Merritton Arena
Sat9/22/20123:15pm L 3-2 North London Nationals  Grimsby   Seymour-Hannah Sportsplex
Sun9/23/201212:30pm L 1-6 Grimsby  North London Nationals   Seymour-Hannah Sportsplex
Mon9/24/20124:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   West Lincoln Arena
Tue9/25/20127:10pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat9/29/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun9/30/20124:30pm #2006
4-6 Grimsby  Niagara Falls   Gale Centre
Mon10/1/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue10/2/20127:10pm #2008
8-0 Grimsby  NOTL   Meridian Credit Union Arena
Sat10/6/20125:00pm #2014
5-1 Grimsby  St. Catharines   Bill Burgoyne Arena
Sun10/7/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue10/9/20127:10pm #2017
1-9 Welland  Grimsby   PKC
Fri10/12/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat10/13/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun10/14/20122:30pm #2024
5-0 Grimsby  Fort Erie   Fort Erie Leisureplex
Wed10/17/20127:10pm W 0-9 Niagara Purple Eagles  Grimsby   PKC
Thu10/18/20127:00pm W 4-5 Oakville Rangers  Grimsby   PKC
Sun10/21/20126:20pm W 4-2 Grimsby  Niagara Purple Eagles   Niagara University Ice Complex
Mon10/22/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue10/23/20127:10pm #2033
1-12 Lincoln  Grimsby   PKC
Fri10/26/20126:10pm #2038
6-2 Grimsby  West Lincoln   West Lincoln Arena
Sat10/27/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun10/28/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Mon10/29/20126:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue10/30/20127:10pm #2045
1-9 NOTL  Grimsby   PKC
Sat11/3/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun11/4/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue11/6/20127:10pm #2051
2-8 Port Colborne  Grimsby   PKC
Thu11/8/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri11/9/20121:25pm W 6-0 Grimsby  West Ferris Trappers   Rotary Place (West Orillia Sports Complex)
Sat11/10/201212:05pm W 5-0 Grimsby  Erie Northshore   Rotary Place (West Orillia Sports Complex)
Sat11/10/20128:05pm W 1-6 Nickel City Devils  Grimsby   Rama Mask
Sun11/11/20121:25pm W 1-7 Whitby Wildcats (White)  Grimsby   Rama Mask
Sun11/11/20124:15pm W 3-7 Erie Northshore  Grimsby   Brian Orser
Tue11/13/20127:10pm #2060
1-3 Niagara Falls  Grimsby   PKC
Sat11/17/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun11/18/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue11/20/20127:10pm #2069
0-7 St. Catharines  Grimsby   PKC
Fri11/23/20124:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat11/24/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun11/25/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue11/27/20127:10pm #2076
0-7 Fort Erie  Grimsby   PKC
Fri11/30/20124:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun12/2/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Mon12/3/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue12/4/20127:10pm #2085
1-11 Welland  Grimsby   PKC
Sat12/8/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun12/9/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue12/11/20127:10pm #2094
1-6 Niagara Falls  Grimsby   PKC
Sat12/15/20125:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun12/16/20126:30pm L 2-3 Grimsby  Oakville Rangers   River Oaks
Tue12/18/20127:10pm #2103
3-5 Pelham  Grimsby   PKC
Wed12/19/20126:00pm #2105
9-0 Grimsby  Lincoln   Lincoln Arena
Fri12/21/20126:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat12/22/20125:00pm #2111
8-0 Grimsby  St. Catharines   Bill Burgoyne Arena
Sun12/23/20122:00pm #2026
2-2 Grimsby  Dunnville   Dunnville Memorial
Thu12/27/20129:20am W 5-1 Grimsby  Pelham   Welland Arena
Thu12/27/20124:20pm L 3-0 Burlington Bulldogs  Grimsby   Welland Arena
Fri12/28/20128:10am W 0-8 Tilsonburg Tornadoes  Grimsby   Welland Arena
Fri12/28/20122:00pm W 0-8 Glanbrook Rangers  Grimsby   Welland Arena
Sat12/29/20128:10am W 2-1 Grimsby  Dorchester Dragons   Welland Arena
Sat12/29/20122:00pm L 0-4 Grimsby  Burlington Bulldogs   PKC
Sun12/30/20122:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Thu1/3/20137:00am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri1/4/20136:10pm #2115
8-1 Grimsby  Thorold   Thorold
Sat1/5/20135:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun1/6/20132:30pm #2120
6-1 Grimsby  Fort Erie   Fort Erie Leisureplex
Tue1/8/20137:10pm #2123
2-4 West Lincoln  Grimsby   PKC
Sun1/13/20134:30pm #2131
2-1 Grimsby  Niagara Falls   Gale Centre
Thu1/17/20136:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri1/18/201310:20am W 1-2 Oakville Rangers  Grimsby   Clearwater Arena
Fri1/18/20133:00pm W 7-1 Grimsby  Innisfil Winterhawks   Clearwater Arena
Sat1/19/201312:20pm W 4-8 Sarnia Sting  Grimsby   Clearwater Arena
Sun1/20/20138:50am L 4-0 Oakville Rangers  Grimsby   Clearwater Arena
Tue1/22/20137:10pm #2142
1-7 Thorold  Grimsby   PKC
Sat1/26/20133:50pm #2149
5-2 Grimsby  Welland   Welland Arena
Sun1/27/20132:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Mon1/28/20136:00pm #2029
3-9 Dunnville  Grimsby   PKC
Tue1/29/20137:10pm #2154
1-5 St. Catharines  Grimsby   PKC
Sat2/2/20132:30pm #2158
3-3 Grimsby  Pelham   Pelham
Sat2/2/20135:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun2/3/20132:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Mon2/4/20136:30pm #2156
3-0 Grimsby  Port Colborne   Port Colborne Arena
Tue2/5/20137:10pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri2/8/20133:30pm W 10-0 Grimsby  St. Catharines   Gale Centre
Fri2/8/20136:45pm W 9-0 Grimsby  Niagara Falls   Gale Centre
Sat2/9/201311:45am W 7-0 Grimsby  Welland   Gale Centre
Sat2/9/20133:15pm W 2-0 Grimsby  Fort Erie   Gale Centre
Sun2/10/201312:15pm W 1-9 Welland  Grimsby   Gale Centre
Sun2/10/20135:30pm W 2-5 Fort Erie  Grimsby   Gale Centre
Mon2/11/20137:10pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Thu2/14/20136:15am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri2/15/20137:15pm L 1-2 Grimsby  St. Thomas   Timken Centre
Sat2/16/20134:00pm W 1-5 St. Thomas  Grimsby   PKC
Sun2/17/20131:00pm W 3-2 Grimsby  St. Thomas   Timken Centre
Mon2/18/20137:10pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue2/19/20137:10pm #2203
3-4 Port Colborne  Grimsby   PKC
Fri2/22/20136:30am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sat2/23/20134:00pm W 1-6 St. Thomas  Grimsby   PKC
Sun2/24/20132:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Wed2/27/20136:15am FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Fri3/1/20136:00pm W 3-2 Grimsby  Oakville Rangers   River Oaks
Sat3/2/20134:00pm L 4-3 Oakville Rangers  Grimsby   PKC
Mon3/4/20137:35pm L 2-5 Grimsby  Oakville Rangers   River Oaks
Tue3/5/20137:10pm #2210
0-5 Niagara Falls  Grimsby   PKC
Wed3/6/20137:30pm W 1-2 Oakville Rangers  Grimsby   PKC
Thu3/7/20137:00pm #2208
5-1 Grimsby  Fort Erie   Fort Erie Leisureplex
Fri3/8/20136:10pm #2206
7-1 Grimsby  Dunnville   Dunnville Memorial
Sat3/9/20135:50pm L 3-6 Grimsby  Oakville Rangers   Oakville Arena
Sun3/10/20135:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue3/12/20137:10pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Sun3/17/20132:30pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC
Tue3/19/20137:10pm W 1-6 Port Colborne  Grimsby   PKC
Thu3/21/20136:30pm W 3-2 Grimsby  Port Colborne   Vale Centre
Tue3/26/20136:00pm FN/RGrimsby  PRACTICE   PKC

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Status:F - Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W - Win
L - Loss (OT-Overtime)
T - Tie
TBP - To Be Played
CAN - Canceled
PPD - Postponed
SPD - Suspended
FFT - Forfeit
N/R - Score Not Reported

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