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Fri12/10/2010TBAF 41-57 Cranberry  Erie East   Franklin Tip-Off To.
Fri12/10/20103:00pm F 30-57 West Forest  Smethport   East Forest Tip-Off To.
Fri12/10/20104:30pm F 70-66 Clarion-Limestone  Union   Brookville Tip-Off To.
Fri12/10/20104:45pm F 69-51 A-C Valley  Elderton   St. Josephs Tip-off To.
Fri12/10/20105:15pm F 55-38 Oswayo Valley  Bucktail   Cowanesque Vly. To.
Fri12/10/20106:00pm F 32-70 Tidioute Charter  East Forest   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20106:30pm F 56-68 DuBois  Venango Catholic   Keystone Tip-Off To.
Fri12/10/20107:00pm F 57-52 Sheffield  Eisenhower   Warren County To.
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 36-82 Otto-Eldred  Olean-Walsh N.Y.   Allegany-Limestone To.
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 42-57 Brockway  Brookville   Brookville Tip-Off To.
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 44-53 Kennedy Catholic  DuBois CC   DCC McDonald's To.
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 67-57 Moniteau  Mercer   Mercer Tip-Off To
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 47-50 Coudersport  Bradford   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 42-40 Austin  Elkland   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 47-55 Philipsburg-Osceola  Clarion   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 47-50 Elk CC  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 45-62 Punxsutawney  Cameron County   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 41-16 Glendale  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/20107:30pm F 41-77 Johnsonburg  St. Marys   Non-League Game
Fri12/10/2010TBAF 43-53 Kane  Keystone   Keystone Tip-Off To.
Fri12/10/20108:30pm F 53-65 North Clarion  Lakeview   Lakeview Tip-Off To
Fri12/10/20108:45pm F 55-39 Northern Potter  Cowanesque Vly.   Cowanesque Vly. To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 35-49 Otto-Eldred  Ellicottville N.Y.   Allegany-Limestone To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 51-61 Clarion-Limestone  Brookville   Brookville Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 66-76 Brockway  Union   Brookville Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 55-39 Oswayo Valley  Northern Potter   Cowanesque Vly. To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 49-52 North Catholic  DuBois CC   DCC McDonald's To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 59-21 Smethport  East Forest   East Forest Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 53-22 West Forest  Tidioute Charter   East Forest Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 63-66 Cranberry  Visionquest   Franklin Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 38-79 Kane  DuBois   Keystone Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 52-40 Venango Catholic  Keystone   Keystone Tip-Off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 44-57 Moniteau  Slippery Rock   Mercer Tip-Off To
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 64-90 A-C Valley  St. Joseph   St. Josephs Tip-off To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 44-78 Sheffield  Warren   Warren County To.
Sat12/11/2010TBAF 58-39 North Clarion  Commodore Perry   Lakeview Tip-Off To
Mon12/13/20107:15pm F 38-73 Clearfield  Huntingdon   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Mon12/13/20107:30pm F 41-64 West Forest  Sheffield   Non-League Game
Mon12/13/20107:30pm F 49-55 Oswayo Valley  St. Marys   Non-League Game
Mon12/13/20107:30pm F 48-53 Port Allegany  Kane   Non-League Game
Mon12/13/20107:30pm F 48-64 Bradford  Cameron County   Non-League Game
Tue12/14/20107:30pm F 36-50 Johnsonburg  Elk CC   AML North Game
Tue12/14/20107:30pm F 37-62 Curwensville  Brockway   AML South Game
Tue12/14/20107:30pm F 50-47 Cowanesque Vly.  Austin   Non-League Game
Tue12/14/20107:30pm F 49-28 Northern Potter  Galeton   Non-League Game
Tue12/14/20107:30pm F 47-27 Wellsboro  Coudersport   Non-League Game
Tue12/14/20107:30pm F 62-34 Punxsutawney  Redbank Valley   Non-League Game
Tue12/14/20107:33pm F 59-28 Brookville  Otto-Eldred   Non-League Game
Tue12/14/20108:00pm PPDN/RYoungsville  Venango Catholic   Non-League Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm PPDN/RSheffield  Kane   AML North Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 43-42 Clarion  Keystone   KSAC Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm PPDN/RCranberry  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 52-61 East Forest  Karns City   KSAC Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm PPDN/RVenango Catholic  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 54-65 Union  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 52-34 DuBois CC  Bradford   Non-League Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 67-64 Brockway  Cameron County   Non-League Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 63-61 Central Mountain  DuBois   Non-League Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 54-49 St. Marys  Port Allegany   Non-League Game
Wed12/15/20107:30pm F 59-55 Ridgway  Smethport   Non-League Game
Wed12/15/20107:45pm F 17-68 West Forest  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Thu12/16/20107:30pm F 66-58 Venango Catholic  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Thu12/16/20107:30pm F 35-50 Clearfield  Central Mountain   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Thu12/16/20107:30pm F 45-44 Galeton  Austin   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 35-76 Kane  Elk CC   AML North Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 26-61 Sheffield  Johnsonburg   AML North Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 60-44 Ridgway  Curwensville   AML South Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 42-50 Punxsutawney  Brookville   D9 League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 68-75 Cranberry  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 53-39 Williamson  Austin   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 60-55 Brockway  West Branch   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 54-39 St. Marys  Clarion   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 31-48 Clearfield  DuBois   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 32-41 Cameron County  DuBois CC   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 43-56 Elkland  Northern Potter   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 40-56 Cowanesque Vly.  Oswayo Valley   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 26-50 Tidioute Charter  West Forest   Non-League Game
Fri12/17/20107:30pm F 49-44 Otto-Eldred  Genesee Valley   Non-League Game
Sat12/18/20102:30pm F 45-51 Bradford  North East   Non-League Game
Sat12/18/20102:30pm F 56-41 Oswayo Valley  Galeton   Non-League Game
Sat12/18/20107:30pm F 35-57 Troy  Coudersport   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:30pm F 53-64 Port Allegany  Cowanesque Vly.   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:30pm F 31-64 Curwensville  Glendale   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:30pm F 25-72 Karns City  Brookville   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:30pm F 39-76 Austin  Sheffield   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:30pm F 47-67 Cameron County  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:30pm F 59-51 Smethport  Kane   Non-League Game
Mon12/20/20107:45pm F 65-71 North Clarion  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Tue12/21/20106:00pm F 49-55 Keystone  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 56-71 Brockway  DuBois CC   AML South Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 65-66 Elk CC  DuBois   D9 League Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 47-53 West Forest  East Forest   KSAC Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 52-90 Karns City  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 59-51 Union  Clarion   KSAC Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 53-56 Redbank Valley  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 65-39 Tyrone  Clearfield   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 47-45 Bucktail  Austin   Non-League Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 38-44 Mercyhurst Prep  Bradford   Non-League Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 40-58 Galeton  Northern Potter   Non-League Game
Tue12/21/20107:30pm F 59-51 Coudersport  St. Marys   Non-League Game
Wed12/22/20107:30pm F 36-32 Johnsonburg  Smethport   Non-League Game
Wed12/22/20107:30pm F 54-45 Sheffield  Otto-Eldred   Non-League Game
Wed12/22/20107:30pm F 69-59 Ridgway  Port Allegany   Non-League Game
Wed12/22/20107:30pm F 29-71 Moshannon Valley  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Wed12/22/20107:30pm F 48-67 Kane  Cameron County   Non-League Game
Wed12/22/20107:30pm F 40-42 Harmony  Punxsutawney   Non-League Game
Thu12/23/20107:30pm F 64-69 DuBois CC  Elk CC   Non-League Game
Thu12/23/20107:30pm F 46-60 Bellefonte  DuBois   Non-League Game
Thu12/23/20107:30pm F 37-47 Philipsburg-Osceola  Brookville   Non-League Game
Thu12/23/20107:30pm F 44-41 Northern Potter  Elkland   Non-League Game
Thu12/23/20107:30pm F 60-57 Warren  Bradford   Non-League Game
Mon12/27/20104:30pm F 28-43 Austin  Galeton   Port Allegany Christmas To.
Mon12/27/20106:00pm F 40-46 Cranberry  Rocky Grove   Oil City Christmas To.
Mon12/27/20106:00pm F 38-61 Clearfield  Somerset   Purchase Line To.
Mon12/27/20106:30pm F 46-56 Moniteau  Fairview   Greenville Christmas To
Mon12/27/20107:30pm F 42-50 North Clarion  Oil City   Oil City Christmas To.
Mon12/27/20107:30pm F 56-40 Smethport  Port Allegany   Port Allegany Christmas To.
Tue12/28/2010TBAF 50-35 Moniteau  Saegertown   Greenville Christmas To
Tue12/28/2010TBAF 55-48 North Clarion  Cranberry   Oil City Christmas To.
Tue12/28/2010TBAF 58-48 Smethport  Galeton   Port Allegany Christmas To.
Tue12/28/2010TBAF 57-62 Austin  Port Allegany   Port Allegany Christmas To.
Tue12/28/2010TBAF 40-52 Clearfield  Harmony   Purchase Line To.
Tue12/28/20106:00am F 32-56 A-C Valley  DuBois CC   KSAC - AML Challenge at Curwensville
Tue12/28/20104:30pm F 37-38 Northern Potter  Cowanesque Vly.   Coudersport X-Mas To.
Tue12/28/20105:00pm F 45-60 Bradford  Slippery Rock   Freeport Tournament
Tue12/28/20106:00pm F 29-49 Kane  Cameron County   Sheffield Christmas To.
Tue12/28/20106:00pm F 63-81 Clarion-Limestone  Vincentian Academy   West Shamokin Christmas To.
Tue12/28/20107:30pm F 61-44 Union  Curwensville   KSAC - AML Challenge at Curwensville
Tue12/28/20107:30pm F 53-57 Youngsville  Sheffield   Sheffield Christmas To.
Tue12/28/20107:45pm F 43-54 Bucktail  Coudersport   Coudersport To.
Wed12/29/2010TBAF 27-51 Cowanesque Vly.  Coudersport   Coudersport X-Mas To.
Wed12/29/2010TBAF 61-23 Northern Potter  Bucktail   Coudersport X-Mas To.
Wed12/29/2010TBAF 43-41 Bradford  Burrell   Freeport Tournament
Wed12/29/2010TBAF 45-31 Cameron County  Sheffield   Sheffield Christmas To.
Wed12/29/2010TBAF 54-61 Kane  Youngsville   Sheffield Christmas To.
Wed12/29/20103:00pm F 42-61 Redbank Valley  Marion Center   Punxsy Holiday To.
Wed12/29/20106:00pm F 66-59 Brockway  Erie Central Tech   DuBois Holiday To.
Wed12/29/20106:00pm F 47-66 Union  DuBois CC   KSAC - AML Challenge at Curwensville
Wed12/29/20106:15pm F 46-54 Oswayo Valley  Salamanca (NY)   Otto-Eldred Hol. To.
Wed12/29/20106:30pm F 54-42 Elk CC  St. Marys   Elk Co. To. - St. Marys
Wed12/29/20107:30pm F 56-38 Brookville  DuBois   D9 League Game
Wed12/29/20107:30pm F 60-37 A-C Valley  Curwensville   KSAC - AML Challenge at Curwensville
Wed12/29/20107:30pm F 60-76 Keystone  Karns City   KSAC Game
Wed12/29/20107:30pm F 48-61 Clarion  Punxsutawney   Punxsy Holiday To.
Wed12/29/20108:00pm F 52-55 Johnsonburg  Ridgway   Elk Co. To. - St. Marys
Wed12/29/20108:00pm F 37-55 Tidioute Charter  Otto-Eldred   Otto-Eldred Hol. To.
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 53-67 Brockway  Brookville   DuBois Holiday To.
Thu12/30/201012:00am F 58-43 Elk CC  Ridgway   Elk Co. To. - St. Marys
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 34-46 Johnsonburg  St. Marys   Elk Co. To. - St. Marys
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 56-43 Salamanca (NY)  Otto-Eldred   Otto-Eldred Hol. To.
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 61-11 Oswayo Valley  Tidioute Charter   Otto-Eldred Hol. To.
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 40-48 Redbank Valley  Clarion   Punxsy Holiday To.
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 51-49 Marion Center  Punxsutawney   Punxsy Holiday To.
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 70-53 Clarion-Limestone  South Side Beaver   West Shamokin Christmas To.
Thu12/30/2010TBAF 65-49 Erie Central Tech  DuBois   DuBois Holiday To.
Thu12/30/20107:30pm F 70-62 Karns City  West Forest   KSAC Game
Mon1/3/20117:30pm F 39-80 Port Allegany  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 55-45 St. Marys  Brookville   D9 League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 58-56 Brockway  Elk CC   Non-League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 75-53 DuBois  Harmony   Non-League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 58-42 Moniteau  Laurel   Non-League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 48-56 Kane  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 44-81 Tidioute Charter  Sheffield   Non-League Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 53-35 Cameron County  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 46-57 Oswayo Valley  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Tue1/4/20117:30pm F 32-39 Smethport  Coudersport   NTL Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 45-37 Moniteau  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 61-23 North Clarion  East Forest   KSAC Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 53-50 A-C Valley  Keystone   KSAC Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 50-77 Cranberry  Union   KSAC Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 63-52 Clarion-Limestone  Clarion   KSAC Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 90-45 Venango Catholic  West Forest   KSAC Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 31-44 Philipsburg-Osceola  Clearfield   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 55-62 Punxsutawney  Indiana   Non-League Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 32-36 Bradford  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 72-56 Summit Academy  Karns City   Non-League Game
Wed1/5/20117:30pm F 47-70 Austin  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 29-40 Kane  Johnsonburg   AML North Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 55-37 Elk CC  Sheffield   AML North Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 17-69 Curwensville  DuBois CC   AML South Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 42-62 Brockway  Ridgway   AML South Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 39-50 Bradford  St. Marys   D9 League Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 48-45 Brookville  Punxsutawney   D9 League Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 62-64 A-C Valley  Union   KSAC Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 73-42 Clarion  East Forest   KSAC Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 61-63 Clarion-Limestone  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 32-55 Karns City  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 33-34 Redbank Valley  Keystone   KSAC Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 83-71 Venango Catholic  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 48-45 Clearfield  Central Mountain   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 50-29 Coudersport  Austin   NTL Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 29-60 Port Allegany  Cameron County   NTL Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 49-58 Otto-Eldred  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Fri1/7/20117:30pm F 36-58 Northern Potter  Smethport   NTL Game
Sat1/8/20112:30pm F 51-56 Bradford  Corry   Non-League Game
Sat1/8/20115:30pm F 51-64 DuBois  State College   Non-League Game
Sat1/8/20117:30pm F 43-84 Youngsville  Venango Catholic   Non-League Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 50-59 Ridgway  DuBois CC   AML South Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 48-46 Union  Keystone   KSAC Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 55-46 Redbank Valley  Karns City   KSAC Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 60-36 Cranberry  East Forest   KSAC Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 41-65 Clarion  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 81-71 Clarion-Limestone  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 46-77 West Forest  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 44-26 Indian Valley  Clearfield   Non-League Game
Mon1/10/20117:30pm F 53-79 DuBois  Kiski Prep   Non-League Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 33-52 Punxsutawney  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 42-63 Kane  Brookville   Non-League Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm PPDN/RBrockway  Harmony   Non-League Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 48-29 Johnsonburg  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 71-86 Sheffield  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 67-48 Smethport  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm PPDN/RAustin  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 66-43 Cameron County  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Tue1/11/20117:30pm F 46-51 Oswayo Valley  Coudersport   NTL Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm F 49-64 DuBois  St. Marys   D9 League Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm F 63-67 North Clarion  Clarion   KSAC Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm F 51-40 Cranberry  West Forest   KSAC Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm PPDN/RMoniteau  Keystone   KSAC Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm PPDN/RKittanning  Karns City   Non-League Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm PPDN/RRedbank Valley  Ford City   Non-League Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm F 40-52 Clearfield  Bellefonte   Non-League Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm F 29-70 East Forest  Brockway   Non-League Game
Wed1/12/20117:30pm F 40-42 Austin  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Wed1/12/20118:00pm F 59-70 Clarion-Limestone  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Thu1/13/20117:30pm F 32-39 Bradford  Brookville   D9 League Game
Thu1/13/20117:30pm F 39-63 Curwensville  Harmony   Non-League Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 51-46 Elk CC  St. Marys   D9 League Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 50-69 Keystone  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 23-62 East Forest  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 54-47 Venango Catholic  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 49-54 Moniteau  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 61-42 Union  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 86-47 Ridgway  Kane   Non-League Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 41-40 DuBois CC  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 68-62 Brockway  Sheffield   Non-League Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 35-25 Lewistown  Clearfield   Non-League Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 61-48 Coudersport  Cameron County   NTL Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 59-53 Northern Potter  Austin   NTL Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 36-59 Otto-Eldred  Smethport   NTL Game
Fri1/14/20117:30pm F 43-68 Port Allegany  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Sat1/15/20113:30pm F 61-63 Karns City  Punxsutawney   KSAC Game
Sat1/15/20115:30pm F 45-76 DuBois  Susquehanna Township   Non-League Game
Sat1/15/20117:30pm F 41-60 Sheffield  Smethport   Non-League Game
Sat1/15/20117:30pm F 38-65 Otto-Eldred  Wellsville   Non-League Game
Mon1/17/20117:30pm F 49-43 Moniteau  Keystone   KSAC Game
Mon1/17/20117:30pm F 46-40 Brookville  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 57-39 DuBois  Bradford   D9 League Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 52-47 St. Marys  Punxsutawney   D9 League Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 59-81 Karns City  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 62-68 Clarion-Limestone  Union   KSAC Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 48-39 Keystone  East Forest   KSAC Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 65-56 Clarion  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 62-65 A-C Valley  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm PPDN/RWest Forest  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 46-43 Johnsonburg  Brockway   Non-League Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm PPDN/RAustin  Cameron County   NTL Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 36-53 Northern Potter  Coudersport   NTL Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 40-33 Port Allegany  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Tue1/18/20117:30pm F 44-43 Smethport  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 44-42 West Forest  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 33-50 Clearfield  Penns Valley   Non-League Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 30-60 Kane  Bradford   Non-League Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 39-56 Ridgway  Brookville   Non-League Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 69-27 East Forest  Tidioute Charter   Non-League Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 59-38 Elk CC  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Wed1/19/20117:30pm F 35-64 Austin  Cameron County   NTL Game
Thu1/20/20117:30pm F 53-52 St. Marys  DuBois CC   Non-League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 27-44 Punxsutawney  Bradford   D9 League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RBrookville  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RClarion  Karns City   KSAC Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RMoniteau  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 69-23 Union  East Forest   KSAC Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RRedbank Valley  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 63-55 Venango Catholic  Keystone   KSAC Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RNorth Clarion  West Forest   KSAC Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 65-50 Ridgway  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 45-59 Bald Eagle Area  Clearfield   Non-League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RKane  Brockway   Non-League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 48-40 Curwensville  West Branch   Non-League Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 54-27 Northern Potter  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 63-23 Coudersport  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm PPDN/RCameron County  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Fri1/21/20117:30pm F 56-69 Austin  Smethport   NTL Game
Sat1/22/20115:30pm F 75-67 Clarion  Karns City   KSAC Game
Sat1/22/20117:30pm F 48-52 DuBois CC  St. Joseph   Non-League Game
Mon1/24/20116:00pm F 58-63 Karns City  West Shamokin   Non-League Game
Mon1/24/20116:00pm F 73-67 St. Marys  A-C Valley   Non-League Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 59-44 Elk CC  Kane   AML North Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 49-41 East Forest  West Forest   KSAC Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 59-51 Cranberry  Clarion   KSAC Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 57-72 North Clarion  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 46-51 Moniteau  Union   KSAC Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 53-28 Brookville  Redbank Valley   Non-League Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 56-34 DuBois CC  Punxsutawney   Non-League Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm PPDN/ROswayo Valley  Austin   NTL Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 28-54 Otto-Eldred  Coudersport   NTL Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm F 43-49 Smethport  Cameron County   NTL Game
Mon1/24/20117:30pm PPDN/RPort Allegany  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Tue1/25/20117:30pm F 65-60 Johnsonburg  Sheffield   AML North Game
Tue1/25/20117:30pm F 34-75 Curwensville  Ridgway   AML South Game
Tue1/25/20117:30pm F 58-33 Clearfield  Juniata   Non-League Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 62-38 DuBois CC  Brockway   AML South Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 47-56 Bradford  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 73-36 Clarion-Limestone  East Forest   KSAC Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 65-57 Moniteau  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 45-72 West Forest  Clarion   KSAC Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 52-68 Karns City  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 71-60 Venango Catholic  Union   KSAC Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 44-50 Redbank Valley  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 77-36 St. Marys  Oswayo Valley   Non-League Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 48-58 Sheffield  Port Allegany   Non-League Game
Wed1/26/20117:30pm F 57-23 Punxsutawney  Keystone   Non-League Game
Thu1/27/20117:30pm F 49-38 Huntingdon  Clearfield   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Thu1/27/20117:30pm F 52-58 Brockway  Harmony   Non-League Game
Thu1/27/20117:30pm F 38-47 Port Allegany  Austin   NTL Game
Thu1/27/20117:30pm F 33-63 Otto-Eldred  Cameron County   NTL Game
Thu1/27/20117:30pm F 54-46 Northern Potter  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Thu1/27/20117:30pm F 38-41 Coudersport  Smethport   NTL Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 43-67 Kane  Sheffield   AML North Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 52-45 Elk CC  Johnsonburg   AML North Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 42-52 DuBois CC  Ridgway   AML South Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 65-42 Brockway  Curwensville   AML South Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 65-49 Punxsutawney  DuBois   D9 League Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 42-35 Brookville  St. Marys   D9 League Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 82-65 A-C Valley  Karns City   KSAC Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 39-62 West Forest  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 49-64 Clarion  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 70-72 Clarion-Limestone  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 40-52 East Forest  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Fri1/28/20117:30pm F 62-59 Moniteau  Keystone   KSAC Game
Sat1/29/20117:30pm F 35-68 Redbank Valley  Ford City   Non-League Game
Sat1/29/20117:30pm F 57-40 Coudersport  Bucktail   Non-League Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 47-74 Sheffield  Elk CC   AML North Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 41-22 Johnsonburg  Kane   AML North Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 75-42 DuBois CC  Curwensville   AML South Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 60-55 Ridgway  Brockway   AML South Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 30-74 East Forest  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 44-65 Redbank Valley  Clarion   KSAC Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 48-40 Cranberry  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 64-37 A-C Valley  West Forest   KSAC Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 49-39 Brookville  Keystone   Non-League Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 51-73 Philipsburg-Osceola  DuBois   Non-League Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 32-49 Clearfield  Punxsutawney   Non-League Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 75-76 Kittanning  Karns City   Non-League Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 68-58 Smethport  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 58-38 Cameron County  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 55-32 Oswayo Valley  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Mon1/31/20117:30pm F 36-62 Austin  Coudersport   NTL Game
Tue2/1/20117:30pm PPDN/RRedbank Valley  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RSt. Marys  Bradford   D9 League Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RDuBois  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RKarns City  Union   KSAC Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RNorth Clarion  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RClarion  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RRedbank Valley  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RCentral-Martinsburg  Clearfield   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RSheffield  Brockway   Non-League Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RHarmony  Brookville   Non-League Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RKane  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RWest Branch  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Wed2/2/20117:30pm PPDN/RJohnsonburg  DuBois CC   Non-League Game
Wed2/2/20117:45pm PPDN/RMoniteau  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 51-65 DuBois  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 60-51 North Clarion  Keystone   KSAC Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 46-89 Redbank Valley  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 60-37 Union  West Forest   KSAC Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 36-56 Johnsonburg  DuBois CC   Non-League Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 45-52 Harmony  Brookville   Non-League Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 53-69 Kane  Brockway   Non-League Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 27-42 Otto-Eldred  Austin   NTL Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 51-57 Northern Potter  Cameron County   NTL Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 53-41 Coudersport  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Thu2/3/20117:30pm F 36-53 Port Allegany  Smethport   NTL Game
Thu2/3/20117:45pm F 58-61 Moniteau  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 68-57 St. Marys  DuBois   D9 League Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 54-52 Elk CC  Punxsutawney   D9 League Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 77-58 Clarion-Limestone  Karns City   KSAC Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 71-52 Moniteau  East Forest   KSAC Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 54-64 A-C Valley  Clarion   KSAC Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 63-43 Cranberry  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 42-43 Clearfield  Tyrone   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 65-51 Ridgway  Sheffield   Non-League Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 30-55 Curwensville  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Fri2/4/20117:30pm F 77-36 Venango Catholic  Youngsville   Non-League Game
Sat2/5/20112:30pm F 32-68 Redbank Valley  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Sat2/5/20112:30pm F 59-74 Bradford  Rocky Grove   Non-League Game
Sat2/5/20116:30pm F 39-58 Keystone  Union   KSAC Game
Sat2/5/20117:30pm PPDN/RNorth Clarion  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Sat2/5/20117:30pm F 49-33 Cameron County  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Sat2/5/20117:30pm F 40-59 Port Allegany  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 47-51 St. Marys  Bradford   D9 League Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 49-57 Clarion  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 58-53 Keystone  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 58-55 Karns City  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 40-48 Union  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 26-66 West Forest  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 54-52 Central-Martinsburg  Clearfield   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 37-38 West Branch  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 50-42 Harmony  DuBois CC   Non-League Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 35-59 Austin  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 60-28 Smethport  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 57-43 Oswayo Valley  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Mon2/7/20117:30pm F 48-44 Cameron County  Coudersport   NTL Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 47-52 Punxsutawney  St. Marys   D9 League Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 40-57 Bradford  DuBois   D9 League Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 44-53 Elk CC  Brookville   D9 League Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 47-76 East Forest  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 37-52 A-C Valley  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 34-51 Johnsonburg  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 42-56 Sheffield  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Tue2/8/20117:30pm F 76-47 Brockway  Kane   Non-League Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 33-69 Redbank Valley  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 73-69 Venango Catholic  Clarion   KSAC Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 60-85 Karns City  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 74-44 Clarion-Limestone  West Forest   KSAC Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm PPDN/RClearfield  Philipsburg-Osceola   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 34-43 Keystone  DuBois CC   Non-League Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 67-33 Harmony  Curwensville   Non-League Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 50-68 Ford City  Union   Non-League Game
Wed2/9/20117:30pm F 55-38 Oswayo Valley  Austin   NTL Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 62-66 Moniteau  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 46-80 East Forest  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 57-59 Sheffield  Brockway   Non-League Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 62-38 Cameron County  Austin   NTL Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 45-59 Oswayo Valley  Smethport   NTL Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 40-52 Otto-Eldred  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Thu2/10/20117:30pm F 43-39 Coudersport  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 61-50 DuBois  Punxsutawney   D9 League Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 39-43 St. Marys  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 47-45 Brookville  Bradford   D9 League Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 62-52 A-C Valley  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 50-57 North Clarion  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 70-37 Union  Karns City   KSAC Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 37-80 West Forest  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 58-49 Central Mountain  Clearfield   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 47-32 Ridgway  Coudersport   Non-League Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 49-40 Curwensville  Kane   Non-League Game
Fri2/11/20117:30pm F 58-64 Brockway  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Fri2/11/20117:45pm F 29-68 East Forest  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Sat2/12/20113:30pm F 57-63 Clearfield  Philipsburg-Osceola   Mountain League-Allegheny Division
Sat2/12/20117:30pm F 54-70 DuBois CC  Bishop McCort   Non-League Game
Sat2/12/20117:30pm F 39-70 Kane  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 65-63 Sheffield  Kane   AML North Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 59-69 Brookville  Elk CC   D9 League Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 39-55 West Forest  Keystone   KSAC Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 81-38 Curwensville  Moshannon Valley   Non-League Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 42-34 St. Marys  Clearfield   Non-League Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 43-42 Johnsonburg  DuBois   Non-League Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 42-55 Penn Cambria  Punxsutawney   Non-League Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 43-58 Port Allegany  Coudersport   NTL Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 56-59 Oswayo Valley  Cameron County   NTL Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 67-45 Smethport  Austin   NTL Game
Mon2/14/20117:30pm F 39-44 Otto-Eldred  Northern Potter   NTL Game
Tue2/15/20117:30pm F 39-49 Keystone  Redbank Valley   KSAC Game
Tue2/15/20117:30pm F 65-31 Moniteau  Karns City   KSAC Game
Tue2/15/20117:30pm F 82-41 Venango Catholic  East Forest   KSAC Game
Tue2/15/20117:30pm F 64-29 Clarion  West Forest   KSAC Game
Tue2/15/20117:30pm F 66-50 Union  A-C Valley   KSAC Game
Tue2/15/20117:30pm F 85-48 DuBois CC  Kane   Non-League Game
Tue2/15/20117:45pm F 52-55 Cranberry  Clarion-Limestone   KSAC Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 51-36 Elk CC  Bradford   D9 League Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 44-51 DuBois  Brookville   D9 League Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 49-67 Karns City  Union   KSAC Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 45-47 St. Marys  Johnsonburg   Non-League Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 45-79 Eisenhower  Ridgway   Non-League Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 53-54 West Branch  Brockway   Non-League Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 39-50 Punxsutawney  Clearfield   Non-League Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 46-57 Northern Potter  Port Allegany   NTL Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 44-58 Austin  Oswayo Valley   NTL Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 49-34 Coudersport  Otto-Eldred   NTL Game
Wed2/16/20117:30pm F 46-47 Cameron County  Smethport   NTL Game
Thu2/17/20117:30pm F 40-55 Redbank Valley  Union   KSAC Game
Thu2/17/20117:30pm F 35-74 A-C Valley  Moniteau   KSAC Game
Thu2/17/20117:30pm F 32-61 East Forest  Clarion   KSAC Game
Thu2/17/20117:30pm F 58-76 Cranberry  Venango Catholic   KSAC Game
Thu2/17/20117:30pm F 39-38 Karns City  Keystone   KSAC Game
Thu2/17/20117:30pm F 59-56 Clarion-Limestone  North Clarion   KSAC Game
Fri2/18/20117:00pm F 42-49 DuBois CC  Elk CC   AML Semifinals
Fri2/18/20117:00pm F 51-44 Cameron County  Smethport   NTL Semifinals at Port Allegany
Fri2/18/20117:30pm F 38-56 Johnsonburg  Ridgway   AML Semifinals
Fri2/18/20117:30pm F 61-42 Punxsutawney  Bradford   D9 League Game
Fri2/18/20117:30pm F 59-62 Clarion  Cranberry   KSAC Game
Fri2/18/20117:30pm F 69-29 North Clarion  West Forest   KSAC Game
Sat2/19/20111:00pm F 61-65 Union  Venango Catholic   KSAC Title Game at Clarion HS
Sat2/19/20117:00pm F 61-72 Cameron County  Coudersport   NTL Championship at Port Allegany
Sat2/19/20118:00pm F 65-55 Elk CC  Ridgway   AML Title Game at St. Marys HS
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 49-57 A-C Valley  Ridgway   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 55-81 Cranberry  DuBois CC   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 51-67 Oswayo Valley  Elk CC   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 55-67 Clarion  Union   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 33-49 Northern Potter  Coudersport   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 78-72 North Clarion  Clarion-Limestone   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Wed2/23/20117:00pm F 61-34 Johnsonburg  Cameron County   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd
Thu2/24/20116:00pm F 46-43 Moniteau  Smethport   D9 "AA" Semifinals at Clarion U.
Thu2/24/20117:00pm F 23-50 Clearfield  St. Marys   D9 "AAA" Semifinals
Thu2/24/20117:00pm F 41-38 Bradford  Punxsutawney   D9 "AAA" Semifinals
Thu2/24/20117:30pm F 41-49 Brockway  Brookville   D9 "AA" Semifinals at Clarion U.
Fri2/25/20116:30pm F 46-49 Johnsonburg  Union   D9 "A" Playoffs Quarterfinals
Fri2/25/20117:00pm PPDN/RNorth Clarion  Venango Catholic   D9 "A" Playoffs Quarterfinals
Fri2/25/20117:00pm F 68-59 DuBois CC  Ridgway   D9 "A" Playoffs Quarterfinals
Fri2/25/20117:00pm PPDN/RCoudersport  Elk CC   D9 "A" Playoffs Quarterfinals
Sat2/26/20111:00pm F 72-70 North Clarion  Venango Catholic   D9 "A" Playoffs Quarterfinals
Sat2/26/20117:00pm F 52-55 Coudersport  Elk CC   Non-League Game
Wed3/2/20116:00pm F 47-49 North Clarion  Union   D9 "A" Semifinals at Clarion U.
Wed3/2/20117:30pm F 47-58 DuBois CC  Elk CC   D9 "A" Semifinals at Clarion U.
Fri3/4/20117:30pm F 49-58 Moniteau  Brookville   D9 "AA" Title Game at Clarion U.
Sat3/5/201112:30pm F 51-65 North Clarion  DuBois CC   D9 "A" Consy game at Clarion U.
Sat3/5/20114:00pm F 37-49 Bradford  St. Marys   D9 "AAA" Title Game at Clarion U.
Sat3/5/20118:00pm F 39-51 Union  Elk CC   D9 "A" Title Game at Clarion U.
Tue3/8/20117:00pm F 36-66 Bradford  West Mifflin   PIAA "AAA" Play-in Game
Fri3/11/20111:00pm F 63-82 North Clarion  Vincentian Academy   PIAA "A" 1st Round at North Hills HS
Fri3/11/20115:00pm F 58-47 DuBois CC  Bishop Carroll   PIAA "A" 1st Round at Central Cambria HS
Fri3/11/20116:30pm F 80-54 New Castle  St. Marys   PIAA "AAA" 1st Round at Clarion U.
Fri3/11/20116:30pm FN/RPOSITION/TBD  St. Marys   PIAA "AAA" 1st Round at Clarion U.
Fri3/11/20117:00pm F 62-50 Northern Cambria  Union   PIAA "A" 1st Round at Keystone HS
Fri3/11/20118:00pm F 49-58 Serra Catholic  Elk CC   PIAA "A" 1st Round at Clarion U.
Sat3/12/20113:00pm F 43-73 Moniteau  Wilkinsburg   PIAA "AA" 1st Round at Gateway HS
Sat3/12/20116:00pm F 68-57 Jeannette  Brookville   PIAA "AA" 1st Round at Clarion U.
Tue3/15/2011TBAF 47-50 DuBois CC  Clairton   PIAA "A" 2nd Round
Tue3/15/2011TBAF 47-66 Elk CC  Lincoln Park   PIAA "A" 2nd Round
Tue2/21/20127:00pm F 27-38 Venango Catholic  Smethport   D9 "A" Playoffs - 1st Rnd

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CAN - Canceled
PPD - Postponed
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