Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Sat4/21/20181:30 pm CAN 0-0 Clear Lake  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sun4/22/20181:30 pm PPDElrosa  New Munich   New Munich
Sun4/29/20181:30 pm TBPElrosa  Spring Hill   Spring Hill
Sat5/5/20182:00 pm TBPElrosa  Raymond   Raymond
Sun5/6/20181:30 pm TBPGreenwald  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sun5/13/20181:30 pm TBPSt. Martin  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sun5/20/20181:30 pm TBPElrosa  Meire Grove   Meire Grove
Fri5/25/20188:00 pm TBPLake Henry  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sat5/26/20181:30 pm TBPElrosa  Roscoe   Roscoe
Fri6/1/20187:30 pm TBPElrosa  Freeport   Freeport
Sat6/2/20187:30 pm TBPElrosa  New London-Spicer   Spicer
Sat6/9/20183:30 pm TBPElrosa  Luxembourg Brewers   St. Augusta
Sun6/10/20181:30 pm TBPElrosa  Richmond   Richmond
Fri6/15/20188:30 pm TBPBuffalo Bulldogs  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sat6/16/2018TBATBPPOSITION/TBD  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sun6/17/2018TBATBPPOSITION/TBD  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Fri6/22/20188:00 pm TBPSpring Hill  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sat6/23/20183:00 pm TBPMoorhead Miners  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Thu6/28/20188:00 pm TBPSauk Centre  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Fri7/6/20188:00 pm TBPStarbuck  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sun7/8/20181:30 pm TBPElrosa  Greenwald   Greenwald
Fri7/13/20188:00 pm TBPFarming  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sat7/14/20187:00 pm TBPRaymond  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Fri7/20/20188:00 pm TBPMeire Grove  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)
Sat7/21/20182:00 pm TBPElrosa  Sauk Centre   Sauk Centre
Fri7/27/20188:00 pm TBPNew Munich  Elrosa   Gumby Bauer Stadium (Elrosa)

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Status:F Final Score (Visitors-Home)
W Win
L Loss (OT-Overtime)
T Tie
TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
FFT-L Forfeit Loss
FFT-W Forfeit Win
N/R Score Not Reported