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Blue Jays

  • John McNeil (416-420-2089)
    Terry Alderson (416-252-9595)
  • 2-8-1
  • Tue, Jun 19 vs Brewers
  • Loss (12-2) Jun 17 vs Braves
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After a great start in 2017, we struggled to find any real consistency as a team both with who we had out each night and with our play. One game we would hit well and yet pitch poorly. The next we would have standout pitching and our fielding would let us down. We never did seem to ever find our true footing after a torrid 4-0 start.

This year, we have made significant changes to our roster as we have had 8 of our rostered players from last season leave and replaced them with several guys who we believe will help us move in the right direction: Adriano Vega, Al Fochuk, Johnny Perez, Miso Radman, Paul Niejadlik and 2 returning players from years past in Joe Stephens and Steve Ascah.

With all the roster adjustments we have made, we look forward to a solid season in 2018.
27 Johnny Perez1.000101111000000000000000011.0001.0002.000
10 Adbel Rodriguez.526982019510300201103100000013.550.6841.234
77 Matt Carmichael.50033763300020010400000003.571.5001.071
6 Chris Errington.4557611114510040200200001106.636.5451.182
5 Marco Serra.43511102823610200252003000001012.571.5221.093
4 Mark Wolfendale.389111024188700023130600003107.708.3891.097
17 Mike Villa.35365181756210501102000000010.389.588.977
16 Adriano Vega Martinez.348108242358010403002101020010.417.435.851
23 Zac Nunez.333411090300031100000001003.500.333.833
35 Paolo Del Rio.333651264200033120000100002.583.333.917
22 John McNeil.28633872210021000100001003.500.429.929
25 Dave Wolfendale.21411918144300024600000000103.444.214.659
  Juan Carlos Gutierrez (NR).20020551110000100000000002.200.400.600
44 Steve Ascah.16731660100000400000000001.167.167.333
3 Terry Alderson.1439420144200023210000201102.400.143.543
00 Al Fochuk.0678416152100031600000000001.125.067.192
19 Justin Loncaric.0569822183110063200200102302.409.111.520
12 Trevor Bardon.00031330000000200000000000.000.000.000
2 Paul Niejadlik.00020440000000100000001000.250.000.250
32 Miso Radman.00010211000001100000000000.500.000.500
11 Joe Stephens.

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