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California Bulls
Head Coach: Willie Beard (916-934-2574)
CIFL Commissioner: Charles Howard/CIFL Commissioner ((916) 604-1598)

Record: 0-0

Practice: All California Bulls Reporting To practice today need to bring their Fees: $35..Covers Your Jersey Pants and Game Day Fee...Its a reduced amount so lets take care of business. There will be no fees paid on gameday. We turn in our gameday rosters on Tuesday..If you have any questions call (916) 604-1598...Practice: Nielson Park For players in the souhth sacramento area...( It's the park where they have Parkway Little league Baseball at. Centerparkway/ St lukes way going towards Florin rd) The Guys That Live In South Area 6-8:30..For Guys Living In East Sac, North Sac and West Sac its at Cordova Senior Activities Center In Rancho Cordova 6-:830 Mon,Tues,Wedn,Thurs.. We will probanly All practice Together In tHe Arena In Elk Grove On Friday...Bring Your fees for game and Jersey $35 Total..(916)-604-1598 We will bring in 50-60 Guys into camp this week. We will Only Be Keeping The Most Talented .. The Most Committed...and the most Dedicated players in our program. Talent alone will not guarantee you a "Roster Spot". California Bulls 2014/CIFL


  Adam AD Edwards LB/DE 0.00.0
  Brandon Baptiste QB 0.00.0
  Will Bryant WR/RB 0.00.0
  Matt Bryant OL/DL 0.00.0
  Morris Carson QB/WR 0.00.0
  J.R. Crawford WR/RB/DB 0.00.0
  McRuben Fleurinord LB/DE/WR 0.00.0
  Art Gallow DB/LB 0.00.0
  Larry Gassaway CB/LB 0.00.0
  Gabriel Hernandez SS/LB 0.00.0
  Nathaniel Hernandez WR 0.00.0
  La Derrick Howard WR 0.00.0
  Antonio R Jackson OL/DL 0.00.0
  Isaiah Johnson OL/DL 0.00.0
  Tracy Johnson RB/WR 0.00.0
  Hugh Kidd OL/DL 0.00.0
  Marcellus Lang LB/S 0.00.0
  Adam Lennon K 0.00.0
  Bryan Lincoln LB/DE 0.00.0
  Timothy McDowell WR/RB/DB 0.00.0
  TJ Mosqueda WR/RB/DB 0.00.0
  Lamond Mudrow RB/WR San Jose St 0.00.0
  Justin Napoli WR 0.00.0
  Alfred Newton LB/DE/S 0.00.0
  Ben Ojeda QB/S/WR 0.00.0
  Dustin Reddick LB/DE 0.00.0
  Toby Sanderson WR/RB/S 0.00.0
  Dennis Smiley OL/DL 0.00.0
  Eric Stephens OL/DL 0.00.0
  Austin Winston WR 0.00.0
  Dave Young LB/DE 0.00.0
Total 00.00.0
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