Hello! It is the final stretch into the 33rd Annual ARYSL Goal Rush Weekend and I would like to hit on a few very important points for you to be on top of:

* Please review and be familiar with the Tournament Rules, located at  There is important information that you need to be aware of.  Among them is which sideline each team takes on each field etc.  You might even want to have a Team Manager designated to be on top of this to spread the news out to all of your families.  We have this there so everyone knows where they need to go for each game; no guesswork needed.  I appreciate how much work it is herding your players and their families to the proper location.  It also outlines which Field Marshall Tent covers which fields at Cherry Island.  

* Team Check In: We have done away with Friday night check ins.  Your check-in will be 1 hour BEFORE your first match, at the site of your first match.  At Cherry Island they will be on the north end of the snack bar.
* To make check in go smoothly and quickly please have the following ready to go:
     * Your Goldenrod/Official Team Roster
     * All of your Player Passes, properly endorsed and laminated, in the order they appear on your Goldenrod/Official Team Roster.
     * Properly filled out and signed medical release forms and/or registration forms.
     * If you are bringing guest players (we allow up to three) you will have to have ALL of the proper paper work and corresponding player passes.  
        check with your registrar if you need help with this.  If ANYTHING is amiss we cannot let that particular child play, no exceptions.
* After you check in you will still need to proceed to the proper Field Marshall Tent for your proper pre-game.
* Go to, and have your families go to to sign up to receive text alerts and/or email alerts for game results/field changes etc. for any age group in the tournament.  

* No player may play with any cast on.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
* Parking at Cherry Island Soccer Complex is $8.00 per day per car or $15.00 for the weekend.  No tailgating and RV's are not allowed.
* Big Joe's BBQ will be serving breakfast at Cherry Island as well.  There will be plenty of nutritious, delicious and fairly priced food at Cherry Island.  
That's about it.  Maps and addresses are located on the web sites; please look there for anything that you may need.  We have ordered up some really nice low to mid 80's weather for you as well.
See you all Soon,
Amber Coppedge
Tournament Director
33rd Annual ARYSL Goal Rush Classic