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Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






John Howe, Amy Grady, Jason Hickman, Anthony Marusco, Bernie Seasock, Bob Weeks, Mark Gauzza, Dan Campbell, Steve Chapman, Vicki Hittle, Jim Buggy, Fran Miles, Laura Brooks, Vicki Lovecchio, Chris Darpino, Jake Garrity, Kevin Clark, Jen Gauzza, Bob Chambers, John Mancinelli, Brian Morris, Alex Jennings, JEremy Brown, Jim McKenna, Mike McDermott, Scott Sexton, Craig Stokarski, Ron Corrento, Amanda Doyle, Jason Farrell, Tom Wood, Jon Dalton, Mike Cimabue, Ralph Carotenuto, Tony Diorisio, Michael Grady

Called to Order:




Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

General Fund 22,768.78

Other two accounts:

Fundraising Account- 100.17

Capital Fund- 4067.96


New Business: None

Motion to approve:Fran






Teeners-John Howe

6 games to make up.  Going to play a double header.  One tournament team.  15’s coached by John McLaughlin.  Two draggers down at the field.  

Jim McKenna asked about an email that was sent to the parents but not the coaches.  Why were the coaches excluded.  John Howe sent the email. Districts would be the first tournament that they play.  The team is not being chosen at the worst is next week.  The parents want to know if they are playing in a tournament during Memorial Day.  John Howe said no.  

We have had two instances where deserving kids did not see the email or did not know about it.  Mark Gauzza wants a list of nominees to be sent to the coaches. Anthony would like to look at the official list.  

Can we make up games on the “B”Field?  Can we find out if we can play on the “B” field?  Mark is asking if we can make up games on the field.  We can play if there is no one else scheduled on the field.


Majors-Bernie Seasock

One game to make up .  This will be the fourth attempt.  11’s and 12’s will play in Delran.  11’s will be managed by Bernie Seasock and 12’s will be managed by Ron Corrento.


Minors- Bob Weeks

5 games to be made up.  Already scheduled.  9’s and 10’s are scheduled for Delran.  9’s will be managed by Jake Garrity and the 10’s will be managed by Bob Weeks.  

9’s Around June 16 BYC

10’s June 16 Brookhaven

Noticed Kids are yelling at umpires.  We can not have this.  


Rookies-Dan Campbell

All games have been made up for the games except two which we are not sure if they will be made up.

Clinic has gone really well.  

7 and 8 tournament

Aston Valley is hosting the 8 year old tournament.

7’s John Dalton

8’s Anthony Marusco

Before the meeting a potential secondary team for the 8 year olds.  We will see if the numbers allow a team.  

30 kids asked to play on Thursdays.  21 out of 30 have played.  

Clinic time will be released by Wednesday.


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

2 games to be made up in the rookie division.  

Mike Cimabue is taking the 6 year old team.  June 17th-25th.  Our 6 year old tournament.  Every team is guaranteed 3 games.  


Equipment Manager-Jason Hickman

Only thing is coaches that are here.  The coaches that are here.  You will be able to get all star rosters.  $12.00 a piece.  


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

The only thing she wanted to tell Bernie.  There were two dingers.  Bobbo Chambers and Chase Thompson.  


Facilities-Steve Chapman

Sundays we have had between 11-15 out of the 25.  June 4th we will have the community service crew again.  


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

No report.


Rules- Mark Gauzza

I have heard that the umpiring has improved.  Thanks to the coaches for working with them.  We will have field umpires in the playoffs.  On the minors and rookies it will be coaches.  On the majors field it will be two umpires.  


Stokarski is asking if the umpires are being asked to move from home plate for plays?   He does not recall the kid coming out for plays.



Secretary- Amy Grady

Illegal parking.  


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

The 8’s will be hosting districts at Weir Park.  The big thing on everyone’s mind is Slugfest.  The festivities will take place at the field from 8:00-2:00.  The DJ will be there, Dunk tank, so there is no Airbrush guy.  

Beef and beer will be this Saturday.

Mark Gauzza thanked Vicki for all of her help.  

The unfortunate loss of Rich Sharrer.  Thanks for making sure that the moment of silence took place during all of our games.  

We had a light turnout for our CPR and AED sessions.  We will schedule one more session for the coaches and anyone who wants it.  The first two sessions the cards are in route.  

The AED was dead at Buggy.  The battery was replaced.  






Can you change the sign up form for next year to ask if they would commit to an all star at the time of sign ups?

Jim McKenna asked if there were going to put up nets.  The school has talked about it.  Losing 8-10 balls a game.  You can ask at a School Board meeting.  

Fall Ball- Dan Campbell  The board approved doing fall ball this year.  IF you are interested and able to help please contact him.  We will advertise soon.    

Are you doing outside teams?  Advertise during districts.  

Bob Weeks he brought up that he wants to make sure that our kids are having fun.  Check ourselves as coaches.  

It could be that it is more competitive so that is more fun.  

Suggestion: They have practice, practice, practice.  Use the cages, auxiliary fields  

Difference is coach driven by all the kids.  

We are about all the kids.  Every kid in the league.  We recognize that we need to work on getting all kids more time to play baseball.  Please bring it to us so that we can make Aston Valley one of the best leagues around.  





Motion By:











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