2017 Preseason Predictions

April 20, 2017

We are two weeks from the season starting. Here are the 2017 Cards pre season predictions. Looks like we’ve already crossed one off the list.

1. Peter and League President Trask braid each other’s hair
2. We have 10 guys for playoffs
3. Matt Wenham leads the team in home runs hit in the batting cage.
4. An Ambulance shows up at the park during the 2017 season
5. Dave Kelly gains a personality
6. There are at least 3 stagettes at Bellinis in Red Deer during the Riggers tourney.
7. Evan has more in game smokes then plate appearances
8. Guy makes contact with precisely zero curveballs
9. Jared brings a Grinder date to the park
10. Coach Shane shifts from RF into damn near center field against at least one right handed hitter, when we are pitching that hitter hard away
11. Sid gives his son (expecting soon) a commemorative glitter tattoo
12. Someone who is not good complains about their league stats not being correct on the FMBA site.
13. Chico gets injured playing on another team (again)
14. Burlo comes back for one game and says “Same Old Cardinals” within 5 minutes.
15. Pierre wins the FMBA MVP award (again)
16. Easton comes back from college at the U of C and hits under .200 in the FMBA (again)
17. We get rained out on a day when it is at least 25 degrees outside, with no rain
18. Carp is kept on the roster only because he knows how to start a charcoal barbecue
19. Someone other than our 9 hitter hits a homerun this season
20. We retire doing the game writeups due to sheer laziness (sorry folks)