20160930 - Metro Female Pooled League

September 30, 2016




Over the past number of months, the minor hockey associations in the metro area have been meeting to determine a plan for female hockey for the 2016-2017.  There has been a lot of positive and healthy discussion around female hockey in our zone with the associations determined to grow female hockey and ensure that the females playing the game have a positive experience on and off the ice.


For the 2016-2017 season, female hockey in the metro area will be pooled based (with the exception of U20). The associations appreciate the patience and understanding from female players and their families during this process.  This decision has been made with the growth of the female game in mind.  The associations are committed to building a strong grassroots program, providing further opportunities for female hockey players and other important initiatives which will be dedicated to the growth of the female game in our zone.


The following are some key points of interest as we prepare to start the 2016-2017 season:


  • Host Sites for each of the pool leagues will be as follows:
    • Female Novice & IP Development Program (U9) - Paradise
    • U12 - Mount Pearl and CBR
    • U15 - St. John's
    • U20 - association based
  • All players will register with their home association.  Players are asked to register ASAP with your own association.  We will be looking to start the season in the coming weeks, so your attention to getting register will assist in the planning process.  The final deadline for registration will be October 12th for ALL ASSOCIATIONS at the Mount Pearl Glacier Lounge from 6:30-8:30pm.  There will be representatives in attendance from all associations to receive registrations from their members at that time.  We encourage all players to register before the October 12th session.
  • An evaluation of players in each pool will take place at the start of the season as a part of the team selection process.  The aim will be to create equal teams which will lead to an enhanced development opportunity for all players.
  • There will be a document made available to all families on the night of October 12th to further explain the plans and schedules for this season.  This document will also be available via the association websites as of October 12th.
  • Female Reps from each association will continue to work together as a committee to formulate strategies for this season and upcoming seasons.  These representatives and each of the associations are dedicated to the growth of the game, development of players and providing a quality experience for all players.
The associations are committed to working together to grow the female game.  We look forward to working with players and their families this season as we aim to take female hockey to the next level.  Have a great 2016-2017 season!


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