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2014 Season


Elkhorn Girls Softball Association offers a coach pitch recreational softball league for girls ranging in age from six to eight years of age. 


Six is a border-line age.  If your six year old has played one or two years of T-Ball, then it is strongly recommended that she move up to coach pitch. 


Eight is another border-line age.  If your daughter has played two years of coach pitch and is eight or is ready for the next step up the softball ladder, it is recommended that she move up to the ten and under kid pitch league. 


If your daughter has played one year of organized softball and is not ready for the ten and under kid pitch league, please register her for the coach pitch league.


Team roster sizes vary depending on the number of girls registered and the number of volunteer coaches.  The last couple of years roster sizes ranged from 10 to 12 girls per team.


All practices and games are held at SkylineElementary School on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings.  A first aide kit is available in one of the lock boxes.


Registration fee includes:  Practice time, Game time, T-Shirt, Participation Medal, Insurance coverage.


Available for an additional cost: Pictures, T-Shirt for assistant coaches, Visor (the visors are one size fits all with a script Eklhorn across the front and can be used up through the age of fourteen on EGSA affiliated teams.


Participants are asked to provide: Glove, Shoes, Drink, Appropriate practice and game apparel.


Time Line:

January and February:  Registration

March 1 to 21: Team formation

March 22 to 30: Coaches meeting where teams are shared and practice slots are assigned

March 22 to 30: Coaches notify teams via e-mail

April: Practice begins;  practice days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • Subject to change on a yearly basis

April early: Draft schedule is provided to coaches for their review and feedback.

April middle: Official schedule is published

May middle:  Games Begin, practice ends.  Game days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • Subject to change on a yearly basis

June:  Games continue

June 30th: Season ends

July: Coaches turn in equipment

July middle:  Select tryouts for next season if interested


Rules of Play:


1. Base Length is 40 feet.

2. Pitching Distance is 27 feet.

3. Each half inning consist of each player batting once.

4. One of the coaches will pitch to their own team, after 3 swings the ball is to be placed on a tee.  (Coached can determine if they want more than 3 swings).  After 6 swings, the tee must be used.

5. The ball must go 3 feet to be considered live.  Less than 3 feet will be considered a foul ball.

6. Coaches need to have one foot on the pitching rubber when pitching to their batters.

7. Over throws or missed throws at 1st base can either be awarded 1 base or the coaches can decide not to advance any bases.

8. There will be continuous batting.  (All players will bat in designated order determined at the beginning of the game)

9. Catchers must wear all catchers gear.

10. Batters, base runners, and on deck batters need to wear batting helmets.

11. Infield positions consist of, Pitcher, Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Shortstop, and Third Base.  One player per positions only, please.  Fill the outfield with your remaining palyers.

12. One hour time limit.  If less than 5 minutes remain DO NOT start another inning.

13. No intentional bunting.

14. Any other questions/rules coaches can decide



Remember this is rec softball, we are all here to have fun!