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12U and 14U Rec:                                       


2015 Season


Elkhorn Girls Softball Association offers recreational softball league for girls ranging in age from 11 to 14.


12U/14U rec is for girls ages 11 to 14.  Some 10 year olds do play up in this league.  9 year olds are prohibited from playing in this league.  They must play in the 10U league.


This is a mixed league made up of mostly 11 and 12 year olds. We do typically do not get enough 13 and 14 year olds to make a team, so instead of turning them away and not playing we combine them with the 11 and 12 year olds to make enough teams for everyone to play.


Please read the previous paragraph again, as we get a lot of calls about this, and we want to be very clear up front this is a mixed league.


Elkhorn Softball is entering a cooperative league with Bennington softball.


Team roster sizes vary depending on the number of girls registered and the number of volunteer coaches.  We are going to cap these teams at 12.


All practices and games are held at White Hawk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.  A first aide kit is available the lock box if needed.


Registration fee includes:  Practice time, Game time, T-Shirts for players and coaches, Participation Medal, Insurance coverage.


Available for an additional cost: Pictures, Visor (the visors are one size fits all with a script Eklhorn across the front and can be used up through the age of fourteen on EGSA affiliated teams.


Participants are asked to provide: Glove, Shoes, Drink, Appropriate practice and game apparel.


Time Line:

January and February:  Registration

March 1 to 21: Team formation

March 22 to 30: Coaches meeting where teams are shared and practice slots are assigned

March 22 to 30: Coaches notify teams via e-mail

April: Practice begins; practice nights are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Subject to change on a yearly basis.

April early: Draft schedule is provided to coaches for their review and feedback.

April middle: Official schedule is published

May:  Games Begin, practice ends.  Game nights are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • Subject to change on a yearly basis

June:  Games continue

June 30th: Season ends

July: Coaches turn in equipment

July middle:  Select tryouts for next season if interested



Rules of Play:


The umpires (two per game) for the games will be assigned by the EGSA.  In the event of a rainout or the need arises to change dates of scheduled games, please contact the opposing team coach well in advance to avoid confusion and to schedule an alternate date.  Please inform the league commissioner of any changes.  All games must be played or considered a loss.

Game rules may be altered with the mutual agreement of team coaches to complete the game in the allotted time.

Base length is 60 feet.

Pitching distance is 40 feet. 

All games should be played with no more than 10 on the field.  The 10th player will occupy the rover position in the outfield.

All offensive players on the bench will bat consecutively whether or not they are playing the field.

Up to six innings will be played.  If the game is tied, then declare a tie.  If home team is ahead after 5 ½ innings, the game is over.

Either 3 outs or 6 runs determine a 1/2 inning.

Run rule: 12 after 3, game can continue to time limit at coaches discretion

Time limit on games is 75 minutes.  At the end of the time limit, the current inning will complete. A new inning starts once the last out of previous inning is recorded.

All teams must keep a scorebook in the event of a dispute over the game scores.  One is provided to you.

The infield fly rule does apply.

A batter who throws her bat is out.  (This is an umpire’s ruling).

Bunting is allowed.

Base stealing of second and third.  Home is closed you cannot advance to home on a wild pitch or passed ball.

If the defensive team attempts to throw out a runner at 3rd base, the runner is allowed to advance to home at her own risk. This means if you try and throw out a girl stealing 3rd and the throw gets away, the runner can come home and score.

On a walk the batter is awarded 1st base, and may not advance another base, until the next pitch is thrown.

Runner advancement stops once the pitcher has possession of the ball in the circle.

One base allowed on an overthrow.

A runner may leave the base after the ball has been released from the pitcher.

Drop 3rd strike rule is NOT in effect; batter is out on strike three.

Courtesy runner for the catcher is allowed.  Last available player inserted as runner.

A ball that hits the ground then the batter will be called a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base.

All teams will play with a 12" regular Optic Yellow softball

There will be unlimited substitutions allowed.  Batting order will remain the same.

Hitters and base runners will wear batting helmets with faceguards.

A pitcher is allows to pitch only 2 consecutive innings and no more than 3 innings total in any game.

Each new pitcher is allowed 5 warm-up pitches when entering a game, then 3 warm-up pitches to start her other innings.

Before the game each coach will provide a line-up card to the other coach with numbers and first names.

Home team will be designated on the schedule.

Awards will be as follows: All players receive a medal.

Remember this is rec softball; we are all here to have fun!