Psych Party Schedule

Team Dinner Calendar
Psych Party Weekly Team Dinners are sponsored by Senior Football Players and their families.  They are for all players 10th-12th grade. The Psych Party dinners start immediately after Thursday's practice. Directions will be handed out at practice.  Families can use the Kamiak Commons for team dinner locations with prior reservations of the facility.
The following is the current schedule:

08/30/2017      Hosted by the Daniels (Andrew Murphy) Family                         


09/07/2017      Hosted by the Henshaw (Xavier) Family


09/14/2017      Hosted by the Henshaw & Grayson (Xavier & Hiram) Families


09/21/2017      Hosted by the Pomada (Austin) Family


09/28/2017      Hosted by the Barton (Ben) & Prikhodko (Joseph) Families


10/05/2017      Hosted by the Vallins (Trevor) Family


10/12/2017      Hosted by the Pitharoulis (Jaden Stetler) Family 


10/19/2017      Hosted by the Meyer (Jordan) Family


10/26/2017      Hosted by the Merk (Matt) & Casson (Matt) Families


11/02/2017      Hosted by the


If you are able to host one of the open dates please contact the Gridiron at

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