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We are pleased to announce that uniforms for the season will be available from the Extreme Soccer and Rugby Store, 2381 Fair Oaks Boulevard Sacramento. Sierra Oaks Soccer will again use our Navy Blue uniforms this season. All players who don't already have the Club's Navy Blue uniform will need to buy one from Extreme. The uniform set includes jersey, shorts and socks.

Great News!

Sierra Oaks Soccer Club will be transitioning into a new uniform in this year, that will become the standard uniform in 2015.  The colors will be the same, but this year it will feature bold "Sierra Oaks" lettering across the chest.  The pricing should stay about the same, and the socks/shorts will not change.

During this transition period the "old" uniform is still okay to use, as is the new uniform.  So, there might be some teams that have a mix of new and old uniforms and that is OKAY.  In 2015, the new uniform will be required.

(The Club is very sensitive to the cost of participating in youth soccer.  Transitioning to a new uniform was unavoidable because the "old" uniform was no longer being manufactured.  The "new" uniform should be available for 5-6 years before it will be phased out which is a typical life cycle for sports jerseys.)

If you have any questions, please Email the Club.