August 17, 2014

                                 CHICAGO GEEZERS WIN IN COLUMBUS

                   "2014 WORLD CHAMPIONS 75'S AAA SPA"

                                   COLUMBUS OHIO

        SPA  75AAA+ WORLD CHAMPIONS! We went to Columbus to win, we did  it          From  losers bracket   to the winners circle. WE are the champions. And here is how it was done:
                  8/11       Jersey Jaguars  15               Geezers          14            
                          Jersey winners bracket 
                           Geezers            15               Nami  Const    14         ( Close)
            8/12        Geezers            26               Mich Lakers       6
                           KC Antiques      13                 Geezers           8          
                          To the    losers bracket ( never to lose again) 
            8/13       Geezers              28              Harris Auct       22   (One down)
                          Geezers              30              NY Statesmen  29  
                          Won in bottom of 7th on Jay Avery hit
            8/14       Geezers              24              ProHealth         16            
                          To Finals - must win 2
                          Geezers              22              Jersey Jags      21          
                          Again in the 7th 
                Final  Geezers              22              Jersey               15         
                         Game, Set, Match!*******  WORLD  CHAMPIONS*******
            189 runs scored ( game average - 20.1 ) 7-2 record against the best  
           ( Gold Div ) in the tournament.
            With winning comes the spoils, 5 tournament all-stars:
            Matt Barone, Tom Briglio, Paul Dailey, Jim Dedelow, and Jerry Handel,
            plus manager of the year. the whole story, a team effort, as it has been all year   Batting averages will come out soon and it will show what a 
            solid roster of hitters we have.
            A special thanks to Myrna Miller for keeping terrific scoring and Judy   Hafertepe for yelling out those  opposing lineups. And for that matter all our fans who cheered us on. Thanks
            Congratulations! Averages will be posted tomorrow.
            Go Geezers
            Matt and Bill