Scheel visits Iowa spring practice

April 26, 2013


April 25, 2013

Scheel visits practice


Jay Scheel visited Iowa's spring practice today.
Q: What did you get to do on the visit to Iowa City today?

SCHEEL: We got down there at 11 AM or so and got a tour of the campus, saw the dorm rooms and the academic center because I hadn't seen that yet, and then watched practice and got to see how the team is doing.

Q: Was it different for you at all visiting and watching practice now that you have committed?

SCHEEL: Yeah, a little bit. I hadn't really seen a practice, so it was just cool to see the team and see how they are progressing. It was fun to watch.

Q: Did you go through position meetings before practice?

SCHEEL: Yeah, I sat in the receivers meeting for about 15 or 20 minutes. It wasn't that long because they had already gone through some of the stuff. I just basically watched what Coach Kennedy was trying to get them caught up on.

Q: Did you follow the receivers around at practice too or just kind of take in the whole thing?

SCHEEL: I just sat and watched the whole team. They didn't a lot of individual stuff. They just warmed up and then played two quarters basically just scrimmaging against each other.

Q: Do you find yourself watching the quarterbacks a lot anyway since that's your background and they are still trying to find out who their starter is going to be?

SCHEEL: Yeah, definitely. I like playing quarterback, so it's definitely a position that I look out for.

Q: What did you see from the three quarterbacks today?

SCHEEL: I mean not really one stuck out for me, so I can see where the coaches are coming from not really having one to be completely set on. They all looked just as good as the other one.

Q: Were there any other questions you had or new things you got to see on his visit?

SCHEEL: I didn't really have any questions. Just basically saw what the campus is like and how the dorm life was and whatnot.

Q: Which coaches did you get to talk with?

SCHEEL: Basically every single coach that I usually see. I saw Coach Doyle and I saw Coach Ferentz. I didn't see Coach Davis, but I saw Coach Kennedy.

Q: Was there not much mentioned position wise for you?

SCHEEL: No, they didn't say anything about that.

Q: What are your thoughts on that right now?

SCHEEL: You know, I'd like to play quarterback, but I can play receiver too so it's whatever they want me to do. I'm probably going to go in and start at quarterback, but I mean if it doesn't work out they said I could always go to receiver.

Q: I know you talk with Ross Pierschbacher a little bit. He's come out and said he might take some other visits. Are you still hearing from other schools? Is that something you have thought about doing or where do things kind of stand with you?

SCHEEL: I mean some schools have tried to contact me a little bit, but I haven't really talked to them back. I'm pretty much just set on Iowa and I'm not going to open my recruitment back up. I mean that's Ross' thing and that's what he might want to do, but that's not what I want to do.

In January, Scheel gave his verbal commitment to the Iowa coaching staff, choosing the Hawkeyes over scholarship offers from Iowa State, Minnesota, and Nebraska. As a junior, he earned first team all-state honors at quarterback after finishing with 1,593 yards passing and 1,291 yards rushing, accounting for 42 touchdowns in all for Union Community High School in La Porte City.