Scheel and Driscol represent UNION on all state teams!

November 26, 2013


Union's Jay Scheel was honored on two teams this fall post season.   The Des Moines Register QB as a second team QB selection

and the Iowa Newspaper Association second team as a QB.   Junior Brady Driscol, among the top in 2A interceptions was honored 

by the INA as a first team DB.   Congratulations to both of these young men as they carry on the tradition of excellence in our 

football program both on and off the field.

Here is the three teams selected by the INA:


Class 2A First Team

Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Alex Drees Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-4 190 Sr.
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Nate Bergfeld Cascade, Western Dubuque 5-8 165 Jr.
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Zach Hugen Albia 6-2 180 Sr.
Offense Lineman Wayne Doerscher Davis County, Bloomfield 6-2 280 Sr.
Offense Lineman Sam Brincks Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-6 220 Sr.
Offense Lineman Nick Yarkosky Albia 6-2 250 Soph.
Offense Lineman Tanner Kroon Spirit Lake 6-3 270 Sr.
Offense Lineman Marcel Connor Louisa-Muscatine 6-4 270 Sr.
Offense Quarterback Cole Neary Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-5 210 Sr.
Offense Back Duncan Ferch West Marshall 6-2 210 Sr.
Offense Back Marcus Weymiller Waukon 5-11 185 Sr.
Offense Back Chase Rupiper Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 5-9 145 Sr.
Offense Kicker Austin Errthum Mid-Prairie, Wellman 5-9 155 Sr.
Offense Utility Brett Leshen Albia 6-2 180 Sr.
Defense Lineman Seth Snitker Waukon 6-3 220 Sr.
Defense Lineman Glyeb Ewing Waukon 6-2 235 Sr.
Defense Lineman Robbie Peters Mount Vernon 6-3 235 Sr.
Defense Lineman Dalton Folkerts Albia 5-9 185 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Parker Hesse Waukon 6-3 210 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Taylor Niehaus Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-1 205 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Dakota Ness Waukon 5-0 190 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Devin Chesler West Marshall 5-10 175 Sr.
Defense Back Jacob Ronan Waukon 5-10 160 Jr.
Defense Back Brady Driscoll Union, La Porte City 5-9 143 Jr.
Defense Back Mitch Steger Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 5-9 165 Sr.
Defense Punter Jose Rendon Shenandoah 5-8 165 Sr.
Defense Utility Ben Spaeth Spirit Lake 6-2 200 Sr.

Class 2A Second Team
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Austin Folsum Spirit Lake 5-10 145 Jr.
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Bryce Kemp Collins-Maxwell-Baxter 6-5 205 Jr.
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Seth Bietz Mediapolis 5-10 160 Sr.
Offense Lineman Logan Messenbrink Gilbert 6-0 225 Sr.
Offense Lineman Logan Kruse Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 6-4 245 Sr.
Offense Lineman Andy Cooper Sheldon 6-6 310 Jr.
Offense Lineman Tyler Lyon West Liberty 6-4 340 Sr.
Offense Lineman Jon Krogmann Center Point-Urbana 6-5 235 Sr.
Offense Quarterback Jay Scheel Union, La Porte City 6-0 185 Sr.
Offense Back Brandon Tomer Louisa-Muscatine 5-11 185 Sr.
Offense Back Chase Dobson Nevada 5-11 182 Jr.
Offense Back Brandon Kinsey Center Point-Urbana 6-1 180 Jr.
Offense Kicker Raudel Fierro West Liberty 5-9 155 Jr.
Defense Lineman Adam Drain Mediapolis 6-2 190 Sr.
Defense Lineman Tanner Rentschler New Hampton 6-4 182 Jr.
Defense Lineman Isaac Houghland Davis County, Bloomfield 6-2 220 Sr.
Defense Lineman Steven Peterman Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-4 215 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Ben Weber Cascade, Western Dubuque 5-10 215 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Josh Irlbeck Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-1 200 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Jared Gescheidler Gilbert 6-2 215 Jr.
Defense Linebacker Bryce Leshen Albia 5-10 160 Soph.
Defense Back Elijan Streeter West Marshall 5-10 153 Sr.
Defense Back Andrew VanGinkel Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley Sr.
Defense Back Wyatt Rhoads Gilbert 5-10 155 Jr.
Defense Punter Jake Pisarik Mount Vernon 6-3 195 Sr.

Class 2A Third Team

Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Carter Niehaus East Sac Co. 6-1 180 Sr.
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver TJ Lint Greene County 6-1 190 Sr.
Offense Tight End/Wide Receiver Russell Greene North Polk 6-3 170 Sr.
Offense Lineman Tommy Bomgaars Sioux Center 6-1 200 Sr.
Offense Lineman Patrick Girard Collins-Maxwell-Baxter 6-4 295 Jr.
Offense Lineman Andrew Meek Bondurant-Farrar 6-3 265 Sr.
Offense Lineman Alex Merfeld Nevada 6-4 183 Sr.
Offense Lineman Colton Lueck Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 6-5 245 Sr.
Offense Quarterback Derek Lieurance Cascade, Western Dubuque 5-11 175 Jr.
Offense Back Grant Petersen Bondurant-Farrar 6-1 175 Jr.
Offense Back Drake Fuller Bondurant-Farrar Sr.
Offense Back Braden Meints Garner-Hayfield/Ventura 6-2 180 Sr.
Offense Kicker Peyton Paddock Monticello 5-9 175 Sr.
Defense Lineman Collin Hoshaw North Polk 6-2 192 Sr.
Defense Lineman Tequesis Young Clarinda 6-3 285 Sr.
Defense Lineman Kendrick Suntken Hampton-Dumont 5-11 210 Jr.
Defense Lineman Troy Heick West Liberty 6-4 200 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Reid Miller Mid-Prairie, Wellman 5-11 190 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Connor Frerichs New Hampton 6-1 185 Jr.
Defense Linebacker Tony Anstoetter Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 6-5 195 Sr.
Defense Linebacker Derek Rupp MOC-Floyd Valley 5-11 180 Sr.
Defense Back Jesse Henrichs Central Lyon/George Little Rock 5-10 175 Sr.
Defense Back Drew Foster Mediapolis 6-2 180 Sr.
Defense Back Nick Greteman Kuemper Catholic, Carroll 6-0 160 Sr.
Defense Punter Derek Harksen Camanche 6-0 175 Sr.