We Build Champions Camps draw over 250 kids!

September 2, 2015


It all started with Father - Son Day which is our annual rite of passage that fall is here and football season is upon us.

That day we pack our fields with fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and players to form the U on our game field.

After our 9-12 camp, we have the KYFC (3rd-6th) and UMS (7-8th) camps.   The last camp preps our 1st-2nd graders 

for the flag league and we also include any kindergartners wanting to get a jump on the game.   End result?

OVER 250 kids from 15 different towns and communities.   Most are Union Community but it's great to have a carload

drive as far as Carroll, Iowa or someone from Marion, Iowa drive over just to check out the fun!