What separates 1st place from second place?

I had the honor of listening to a story about two Olympic champion sprinters. Both had great athletic ability, both worked hard to get better, and both had the goal of an Olympic GOLD medal. When the race was run only one athlete took home the gold medal. They asked the winner a simple question: "How did you win the gold medal when he was pitted against a foe that was pretty much an even competitor?"

The answer: "Every day I worked hard and focused on the goal of the gold medal; however, the biggest difference in all reality was when I did not FEEL like getting up to train, I did it anyway. That is all I can tell you. Sometimes you don't feel like training, you don't feel like getting out of bed, you don't feel like pushing yourself. When you have those feels and you train, get up, and push anyway, you win."

Point I want to make here is the champions show up when they don't feel like it and lift anyway. They show up. They show up. In life when you don't show up, you lose your job. Just try it.

Have a great rest of the week and a super weekend.

Coach Hadachek