Webster City intinerary

(Friday, August 28, 2008 at UMS field in Dysart)

7:00am - FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at Joe's Gym rear office area (optional)

School day - make sure to stay hydrated, see article on web site for proper food intake.

3:45pm – bus depart from LPC for frosh game

4:15pm – freshmen warm up for frosh game vs. Webster City

5:15pm – kickoff for frosh game vs. Webster City!

5:30pm - TEAM mtg bring your scouting reports, O, D and Spec Teams

5:45pm - depart to locker room for tape (coaches assist), dress, will be present

6:20pm – QB’s out to warm up

6:40pm - all specialists head to practice field for pre-game routine, 6:50pm all team members meet specialists for pre-game dynamic stretch, pre-game team warm-ups

7:18pm - depart field for last minute agenda in UMS shop, restroom available

7:25pm - lineup for TEAM intro and welcome to the BLACK OUT!

7:30pm - kickoff time!!

Saturday, August 29 – 9:00am at UHS 45 minute FLUSH workout, all players that are JUNIORS and SENIORS and any SOPH/Frosh that plays in the game. 9:00am-10:00am

Monday, August 31 - 7:00am video of Webster City game in UHS Auditorium, same group that is assigned to be at the FLUSH workout, all other players optional

Monday, August 31 - 7:40am walk through for frosh in upper gym in preparation for Maquoketa game

Monday, August 31 – 3:15pm Frosh depart for Maquoketa game, get sack lunches on site, check your equipment and dbl ck your equipment

Tuesday, Sept 1– 7:45am UNITY COUNCIL meeting in Coach Gassman's room