2010 Unity Council members announced

The following individuals were voted to represent their respective classes for the 2010 football season. We will meet each Monday and enforce Unity Council point violators, help with the team decision making process on various items, and most importantly provide a communication platform for the Union Knights football team. Congratulations the the student-athletes and parents.

Zach Bathen
Blake Clark
TJ Gray
Bradly Siebel
Matt Schmitz
(alternate - Cory Feldpouch)

Wes Burnside
Dylan McLaughlin
Reid Monroe
Hunter Zempel
(alternates - Bradley Gallup, Cole Hinders)

Josh Clark
Will Crees
Trev Hadachek
(alternate - Brian Dunkelberger)

Bo Bader
Jay Scheel
Ted Tecklenburg
(alternates - Dylan Kokesh, Austin Lee)

Alternates on are stand by for Unity Council mtgs in the event a selected Unity Council member has a commitment (academically or family) that he cannot attend the scheduled meeting.